The Rhapsodian Tourist's Introduction

My name's Rhapsodian Tourist and I'm a Filipino in almost twenties. Before I created this fanblog, I first encountered Monster Buster Club a few weeks ago (around last week of September I think) on Q Channel 11 Philippines in Tagalog-dub. When I saw the trailer, at first I thought it was tad boring CG-animated series. But then by chance, Monster Buster Club airs on weekday afternoons. Then, I watched a MBC episode entitled "Dog Daze" because of my curiosity. Later on, I got fascinated not just that episode but the designs and concepts of the show. I saw eye-candy colors and smooth CG-animation . Then, I suddenly got interested following the rest of it's episodes even this time.

Monster Buster Club's main character's are young heroes and heroines who have a secret task to protect their town against alien invaders. They got lot's of cool gadgets to capture alien enemies and send them to prison in other galaxy. It's sorta like a mix of sci-fi's Men in Black and Ghostbusters series. By that time our computer is repaired (though it's still slow right now) and got internet connection, I got interested finding more about the Monster Buster Club through the web. I first checked the episode guides then the fandoms like fanfiction and fanart. Being a fan of MBC urges me to create a site to share more things about the show to the other people. Another reason why created a fansite is because fansites of cartoons from Marathon Media Group are few like Woohp.org and Team Galaxy Fan Club. Finally, I decided to create a fansite from Marathon's another show to support the company as well as the fans. So, this fanblog The Monster Buster Club Resources was created...

Maybe you're wondering why I chose the name The Rhapsodian Tourist, right? Well, it's because I got intrigued with the MBC member named Cathy Smith and her Rhapsodian heritage she mentioned sometimes. So, why not I added the word "tourist" for unique name like a stranger to Earth.

Well, that's for now. Feel free to browse and navigate things inside my fanblog. I hope you enjoy.

- The Rhapsodian Tourist