Monster Buster Club Trailers and Videos

I'm unable to host these videos as downloads, so all of them are in external links. Enjoy watching these videos.

Let me know if there's any broken link or if I missed a video. I'll fix them as soon as I can.

Opening Themes

- The shows opening in English. Recorded from RTÉ Two THE DEN (Channel station from Ireland) in HD.

Monster Buster Club French Intro
- Opening of MBC in French for TF1 (TFoU) released in 2007. There's also a HQ version here.

Monster Buster Club Russian Intro
-  Opening of MBC in Russian. It also features Disney Channel's eye catch. Recorded from Disney Channel Russia in year 2010.

Monster Buster Club Dansk Intro
- Opening of MBC in Danish. Recorded from Jetix Europe.

Monster Buster Club Czech Intro
- Opening of MBC in Czech.

Monster Buster Club Spanish Intro
- Opening of Monster Buster Club (Club Caza Monstruos) in Spanish. Released on Jetix in year 2008.

Monster Buster Club Filipino Intro
- Opening of Monster Buster Club in Filipino. Released on Q 11 in year 2010. Video unavailable.

Ending Themes

Monster Buster Club French Ending Credits
- Ending of Monster Buster Club in French. Released on TF1 (TFoU) in 2007.

Behind The Scenes

Monster Buster Club Behind The Scenes
- A short documentary featuring Behind The Scenes in making MBC in Crest Animation Studios. Thanks to
LouTristan for uploading the larger version from Jean-Louis Vandestoc's blog.

Promotional Trailers

BANDE ANNONCE: Monster Buster Club
- French promotional trailer of Monster Buster Club which was first shown on TF1 (TFoU) in 2007.

COMPIL : Comment reconnaitre un alien - MBC
- Translated as "Compiler: How To Recognize An Alien". It featured some of previews from Season One.

COMPIL : Cartes d'identité - MBC
- Translated as "Compiler: Identification Cards". Features the profile of Cathy, Chris, Sam, Danny and Mr. Smith. First aired on TF1 (TFoU) in year 2007.

COMPIL : Les monstres préférés - MBC
- Translated as "Compiler: The Favorite Monsters". French trailer featuring the aliens from Season One. Released in TF1 (TFoU) in year 2007.

Clips Monster Buster Club Et La Danse Des Cailloux
- A 1-minute French music video and trailer for Monster Buster Club released in year 2007. You can also watch the music video version on this Youtube link.

Monster Buster Club Trailer in Jetix UK
- English trailer for Jetix UK released in year 2008. For the complete version (including the 2nd and 3rd clip), click at this link.

Monster Buster Club Hergün Minika'da! 
- Turkish promotional trailer of MBC in Minika'da TV.

Club Caza Monstrous Commercial On Jetix 
- A Jetix commercial of MBC in Spanish. Released in year 2009.

Monster Buster Club On Jetix
- Jetix commercial featuring MBC recorded via video camera. Released in year 2008.

Monster Buster Club - On Disney XD
- MBC in Disney XD commercia. Recorded via video camera. Released in year 2009.

Disney Channel Russia's MBC Eye Catch
- An eye catch for MBC in Disney Channel Russia which was released in year 2010.

Disney Channel Russia's MBC Next Show Clip
- Another eye catch in Disney Channel Russia released in year 2010.

Jetix (UK) Monster Bustin' Halloween Promo - 2008
- A promotional trailer for Jetix' Halloween special featuring Monster Buster Club and Casper. Released in Jetix UK in year 2008.

Monster Buster Club DSiWare
- Trailer for Monster Buster Club video game released in September 2010 with the voice acting for Cathy, Chris, Sam and Danny.