Gadgets and Weapons

You cannot call Monster Buster Club without mentioning their weapons. The MBC's weapons are used to defeat and capture alien invaders who wanted to destroy Singletown. In this page, you'll see the following weapons and gadgets used by the club.

MBC Gears

The MBC's V - com

Danny's V -Com

Virtual Communicator
Also known as the "V-Com". Each members has its own color: Chris (blue), Sam (yellow), Cathy (pink) and Danny (red). They're used to change the wearer's regular clothes into MBC Action Suits. Before transforming, they say "MBC! Pooooower up!" first. Aside from the suits, V-Coms are used to contact members, finding locations, sending video messages, flashlight, scheduler, surf the intergalactic internet and even as a digital watch.

MBC Action Suits
The club's formal uniform and each member has its own color. The suit's features include upgraded V-Com, visor scanner, sticky boots, two pockets and colored line patterns that can glow in the dark.
MBC Gadgets

A - Scanner
This gadget is used to scan or locate objects, aliens and people. It also acts as a surveillance camera, only in few meters.

Hololizer is used to copy objects and creates an image of itself. It also has a function to edit the copied images. It was used in the episodes "Outcraker's Badland Galaxy Tour","Me Krog, You Rollins" and "Cloudy With A Change Of Jellynerps".

It was first featured in the episode "Beware Of Frogs". Its function is to increase or decrease the size of an object.

Robo Reckon
A tracking device that can roll in any location. It's captured images can be seen on an upgraded V - Com.

It is used to prevent an enemy from walking or running.

Non-Stick Gloves
It starts as a small pin-like device. When activated, it can turn into neon green gloves which is used to hold anything sticky.

Invisi-Dom Gear
A device that can only put on the ground. It creates a large dome and whoever is inside the dome becomes invisible.

Rocket Rope
An unusual grappling hook that is used to reach high locations.

It can block the passageways and entrance by sticking it to the walls or doors.

Alien Substance Analyzer
It may look like a small photocopying machine, but it's actually a substance analyzer. The sample is put on the flat orange tile then it's details can be read at the top. However, it takes a moment to find out the results.

MBC Multi-tool
It was first featured in the episode "The Trouble With Troublemaking". It's a portable hand tool that has laser cutter, small electric shock, and flashlight.

Flexi Plank
A jar that looks like a large bulb. It is made of tampered glass so it can't be easily broken even smaller species inside attempt to destroy its surface.

Hyper Compressed Air Control
A remote control-like device that can expand an object like a balloon. It can be dangerous if the targeted object is too large or too tight to fit in the room.

Rhapsodian Hololink
A cellphone that can be used to contact aliens from faraway galaxy. Back in the old days, Hololinks were popular before Cathy was born.

MBC Surveillance Cameras
They aren't actually seen in the series, but they're everywhere in Singletown. They are used to watch and record anything it can see. Then, they send their captures videos to the MBC supercomputer.


  Blaster in active mode                                          Blaster in sleep mode

Blasters are the MBC's starting weapon. They don't run out of bullets but they're usually ineffective against giant or fast aliens. They also have homing beacons (tracking device) in case they're missing or taken by the enemy. Blasters can change into any of five different weapons:

Start from clockwise: Vacuvator, Sonar blaster, Double X and Alien Flasher

1.) Vacuvator / Vacu Vader
Vacuvators are used to trap aliens and they're also the last weapon that MBC will release. It includes the canister at the top which contains clear liquid (See Vacuvator Containment Jar). In the episodes "Comic Book Heroes " and "Clean Sweep", Vacuvators can also be used to pick up heavy objects.

2.) Sonar Blaster
Sonar blasters are used to shoot two or more alien enemies by emitting loud sounds. It can also become a freeze blaster, which can freeze the enemy.

3.) Double X
It's also known as X-Blaster, X-Buster, Triple-X or just Laser Blaster. It is also a weapon that uses against bigger or tough aliens. It's heavier than Sonar Blaster and it's target range is one enemy only. It includes telescopic sight and flashlight.

4.) Alien Flasher
It's also called Laser Blaster. Alien Flasher is the most powerful MBC weapon. However, it is also the heaviest weapon and requires two hands to hold it.

5.) Electrobubble
Electrobubble shoots big purple bubbles to trap alien enemies or create trampoline.

Vacuvator / Vacu Vader Containment Jar
A green cylindrical canister that includes in the Vacuvator. This is where the enemies are stored after they're captured.

Stink Bomb
Stink bomb is a small explosive weapon that releases foul odor for about few seconds after throwing.

Smoke Bomb
Smoke bomb is another explosive device that emits large smoke screen after throwing, which is intended to confuse the enemy. It is also useful for escaping.

Emergency Blasters
Emergency Blasters are first featured in the episode "The Famous Four (part 1 and 2)" and only used in case of emergency. They are just like blasters but only small. They also have their special suitcase for storing. According to Mr. Smith, Emergency Blasters have their own "time-release function" to change into regular blasters.


 From left: Danny's pod, Sam's pod, Cathy's pod and Chris' pod.

MBC Pods
These pods are used to transport members to their destination, except in outer space. They can reach high speed (not extreme) but they don't have at least few weapons. Every MBC member has their own pods and design. The pods are stored in the MBC's network tunnels if not used.

Monster Buster Vehicle 
The standard 6-wheeled vehicle for land travel. The MBV is armed with rockets and blasters. It's standard seats are up to four and it can be driven by one person. The MBV has also a function to fly.

This long vehicle (it looks like a limousine) is half - car, half - torpedo that can able to run extremely fast and withstand aliens who have extreme speed. It also has an anti-theft system that helps to protect the vehicle from stealing. In the episode "Aliens On The Fast Track", Mr. Smith originally owns the Carpedo, but he gave it to MBC because they have to catch Speedy. The Carpedo is also used in the episode "Galaxy's Strangest Creatures".

Unnamed Gadgets

They can be used to hook up enemies. Effective if they are used by two or more people.


The picture at the bottom are the weapons and gadgets of MBC in 2D.