Production and Crew

Created by
  • David Michel
  • Vincent Chalvon Demersay

Produced by
  • David Michel
  • Vincent Chalvon Demersay
  • Sylvain Viau

Directed by
  • Jean - Louis Vandestoc     

Art Director
  • Stephane Berry

    Written by
    • John Derevlany (writer and head writer)
    • Al Schwartz (writer and head writer)
    • Shawn Kalb
    • Doug Hadders
    • Adam Rotstein
    • Victor Nicolle
    • Michael Gelbart
    • Vito Viscomi
    • Paul Greenberg
    • Howard Busgang 
    • Rhonda Smiley
    • Richard Clark
    • Alex Ganetakos 
    • Ben Joseph
    • Frank Young
    • Andrew Nicholls
    • Darell Vickers
    • Scott Albert
    • Michelle Lamoreaux
    • Steve Sullivan
    • Emer Connon

    Head Of Production
    • Claude Coyaut
    • Ulrik Frémont

    Production Managers
    • Veronique Franco
    • Guylaine Robidoux
    • Susane Belec
    • Magali Fuzellier

        Executive Producer*
        • Charles-Henri Moarbes 

          Main Characters created by
          • Jenny Rakotomamonjy

          CGI Assistant Directors
          • Eric Gosselet (1st Assistant Director)
          • Thomas Lessert
          • Therry Franco (2nd Assistant Director)

          CGI Consultants
          • Nicolas Galvani
          • Odile Perrin

            CGI Character Designer
            • Mathieu Bekolat 

            Storyboard Clean-Up Artists
            • Pierre-Elie Frugier
            • Carole Carrion
            • Valentino Forlini
            • Donata Pizzato
            • Simona Cornacchia

            Storyboard Translator
            • Guillaume Levasseur

            Background Color Artists
            • Oliver Lancelot-Mauduit
            • Oliver May
            • Francois Berlaud

            Background Color Supervisor
            • Cecile Lancelot-Mauduit

              CGI Main Pack Backgrounds Modeling / Animation
              • Crest Animation Studios
              MBC Logo Designer
              • Mathieu Bekolat
              • Thomas Lessert

                  MBC Theme music by
                  • David Vadant
                  • Noam Kaniel

                  Episode music by
                  • Paul-Etienne Coté
                  • Jeff Fisher

                  Music Producer
                  • Jennifer McCann
                  • Delphine Measroch (music editor)
                  • Henri Britton (adr recordist)
                  • Denys Dufresne (sound effects editor)

                  Voice / Casting Director
                  • Michael Donovan
                  • John Stocker

                    MBC Disclaimer (at the closing theme)

                    This program and all of the persons, places and events depicted are entirely fictional. No similarity to any actual persons, places or events is intended by the producers or distributors of this program. Any such similarity is purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as referring to any actual persons, places or events .

                        * Charles-Henri Moarbes told me via e-mail that he's the Executive Producer of the show, not just Co-Executive Producer. So, if you see every beginning of the episode, consider that he's an Executive Producer.

                        For more info about the crew list, visit Monster Buster Club on IMDB.