Monster Buster Club Episode 28 / 26 - Bubble Heads

Bubble Heads
Danny buys a bubble gum from Mr. Bitty's shop. At school, Danny impresses the students when he blows a big bubble. Later on, he throws that gum away to the trash can until he and his friends finds out that the gum is alive.

Episode Title (in French):  Règle 24 : Mastiquer n'est pas gagné / Rule 24: Chewing Is Not Won

Written by - Richard Clark
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by - Gregory Panacionne
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny  - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith -
Mark, Roy - Ian Corlett
Purple Gumblian -  
Mr. Bitty - John Stocker
Wendy - Tabitha St. Germain
Ralph -

  • In Disney Channel Asia, "Bubble Heads" is the last episode for Season One after "The End Of Everything (Part Two)".
  • Cathy mentions that her uncle Gleeb is a famous investigative journalist in Rhapsodia. He had a telephoto lens implanted in his brain.
  • Aside from acting ('Acting Out"), Cathy is also a great news reporter.
  • A bubblegum can easily pop while sticking to the mouth. In Mark's, his bubblegum is like a balloon.
  • The journalism club uses the computer club room.
  • Rhapsodian Slang For This Episode: "Cleabers" means "cleaners".
  • Wendy secretly calls Cathy "Lois Lame". That nickname is a reference of Lois Lane, one of the main characters in Superman.
  • Cathy has an ability to freeze things.
  • It seems that Mark is the only person in his house. Where are his butlers or maids?