About Monster Buster Club Resources

Hello there, thank you for visiting this site.

The Monster Buster Club Resources first opened to the public on October 25, 2010, with a lot of effort from the blogger and webmaster, The Rhapsodian Tourist (Yup, that's me!). Since I'm not good at creating websites and finding web hosts to post them, I used Blogger to take opportunity to create this. This content contains character information, episode guides, pictures and much more!

I never expected that this place will get at least 1,000 visitors every month. I'm so glad about that and I'm trying my best to put up a lot of show's information as well as updates.

I started getting into online fandom since few years back and I found out that "fan sites" are great things to start up with. I got really inspired to the people who created fan sites from various cartoon and anime shows. Since I love Monster Buster Club, I took a chance to share my interest to other MBC fans and other people. A lot of people are starting to appreciate a show and I'm sure many people will get hooked in Monster Buster Club. And so, the Monster Buster Club Resources has and will continue to grow.

This fan site is still proud to be part of MBC fan sites available in the 'net. I couldn't make this site if it wasn't your help and support!

- The Rhapsodian Tourist

P.S: You are allowed to contact me via e -mail...