MBC News Archives

This blog is dedicated to one of my favorite shows - Monster Buster Club. Right now, I'm still customizing the background of my fanblog since Blogger.com has a lot of features created.


12/16/10 - I decided to arrange this site's navigation and added the Merchandise section. I also included the Avatar and Icons page but right now it's still under construction.

- You can now download the font used in Monster Buster Club in the Downloads navigation.

12/12/10 - If you're wondering why there are lot of changes in this site, that's because I have to arrange them to make sure anybody who visits this site see the texts especially in this section, the News Updates. There are pages that I added, deleted or edited some information such as the episode guides and pictures. The disclaimer of this site is now on the bottom (Just like any fansites, they put their disclaimers on bottom). Good news is that I complete the MBC A-Database section, but I still have to figure out the unnamed aliens in some episodes of the show.
12/03/10 - Somebody uploaded the episodes "Disappearing Act", "The Famous Four (Part 1 and 2)", "Dancing In The Dark", "Laugh Attack", and "Gotta Dance" in Youtube. If you want to watch those episodes, click here.

- I updated the External Links and Coloring Pages sections.
10/28/2010 - Supporting characters are  posted.

10/26/10 - Main characters are posted. I'm still thinking about making an alien encyclopedia 

10/25/10 - Initial release. The MBC Resources is under construction. Check back soon when I have post something....
- Introduction of this site is complete