The Rules Of Monster Buster Club

If you join any school clubs or organization, you know there are certain rules to follow. In Monster Buster Club, there are some rules that the members must follow in order to protect the club's safety as well as the people involved with it. If you want to find out the policies or maybe join, read them.


MBC Rule #01: The Monster Buster Club must keep secret.
Rule one is the ultimate and most important rule of MBC.Why? The members of the club are the only people aware that aliens exist on Earth. You don't like being laughed like Mark, who gets scared and told his classmates that there are weird creatures in "Bubbleheads".  Another reason is that the members will not work properly if they are exposed in public, such as when Mr. Smith told the kids that they shouldn't join being actors and actresses in the episode "Acting Out". In "Famous Four (Part One)", the members let themselves become popular after their secret was found by residents in Single Town.

The main problem is that the members wanted to be honored or popular for saving the town, but since it's a no ordinary club, they have no choice but to follow the first rule.

MBC Rule #02: There are no leaders.
Have you notice that there two boys and two girls in the club? One of the important factors of MBC is teamwork. Sam is usually the only member, although she hates admitting to herself that she's capable being a leader in the group.

MBC Rule #03: Members must help each other whenever necessary.
Just like Rule #02, Rule #03 involves teamwork and no matter what happens, the members must help his or her fellow members. In "Outcraker's Badland Galaxy Tour", Danny, Chris, Sam and Cathy argued whether Outcraker is a nuisance or not. Of course, what they don't know is that they risk themselves being expelled because their teamwork is needed in order the continue the authorization of the club.

MBC Rule #04: Gadgets are for missions only.
Seriously, the gadgets and weapons of MBC are not toys. They're also dangerous if they're mishandled. Chris sometimes gets fascinated with those technology and wants to show it to everybody.


What happens if any member or all members violated any rules?
The Galactic Commander will come to Earth and announce that the MBC is disbanded. The club will shut down forever and the members have no right to access its technology. If there's any member who's an alien, that alien is forced to return to his or her home planet.

Is there any other way to return to the club?
No, unless there's in case of emergency. If there are alien invaders, such as the Spoilers, the Galactic Commander will tell that the disbanded members return to MBC.