Monster Buster Club - Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1 (2007 - 2008) Episodes

Monster Buster Club premiered on October 29, 2007 on TF1 in France, June 2, 2008 in Jetix Europe, June 9, 2008 on Disney XD in United States and May 3, 2008 on Disney Channel Asia. In France, the show premiered on weekdays mornings except Wednesdays. In United States, the show premiered it's first five episodes for it's first weekday mornings until it's schedule replaced to Monday mornings. In Asia, the show was premiered during weekend afternoons.

Here are the following lists of episodes for season one of Monster Buster Club. Mostly, I followed the episode count from U.K. schedule but then again I also have to put episode numbers for U.S. and Asia schedules. For non-cable channel networks (like in the Philippines, where I've seen MBC on Q11 which is a local channel) might follow the original broadcast order. The format of episode numbers here goes something like this:

Episode <United Kingdom and Asia episode number> / <United States and Canada episode number>

Note: The production numbers of MBC are based on US episode numbers. In France, the broadcast order sometimes switches to episode numbers.

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Episode 1 / 2
Popular Kids
There's a new girl come to school. The MBC finds out that the girl is an Octovore. The group must find way to stop her before it's too late.

Episode 2 / 1
Cathy's cousin Elton Smith comes to Earth for a visit. Danny, Sam and Chris discover that Elton has an ability to read people's minds. However, the MBC finds out that Elton is the one who causes their annoyance and embarrassment. What they don't realize is that Elton came to visit because he is wanted by the Pincherbots.

Episode 3
Wrong Number
The Galactic Commander appoints Mr. Smith to make peace between two planets before they go to war. Mr. Smith is given a special communicator that looks like a cell phone. Later on, Chris took the communicator due to his curiosity and accidentally loses it when he bumps to Mark and their devices exchanged.

Episode 4
Snack Time
Cathy has a task to babysit a Tina, who is an Pythenor eater alien. At the same time, she needs her help to do a Bake Sale benefit for hungry whales with Danny and Chris so she asks Sam to help her babysit. With all the two jobs and confusion, Sam accidentally feeds Tina a Gluesock cracker, a food that makes Pythenor aliens go berserk and eats anything. Meanwhile, Danny and Chris are having trouble selling baked goods because of Mark, who has a better presentation to sell the goods faster.

Episode 5
The Trouble With Troublemaking
Cathy receives a detention after she argues with Mr. Fusster about the existence of aliens. The MBC finds out that the detention teacher, Mr. Gluten turns out to be a glue alien disguised as a human and escapes. Danny gives an idea on how to fight that alien, which Chris and Sam don't like.

Episode 6
Dog Daze
Wendy asks Danny to do a favor by taking care of her dog, Matisse, while she takes a weekend trip. To impress Wendy, Danny sends Matisse to a dog-training school. Danny doesn't know that Matisse is replaced by a robot dog that looks like it until until he noticed it's behavior. It's up to MBC to save Matisse and beat the robot dogs.

Episode 7 
Flower King
The MBC receives another mission from Galactic Commander - by protecting the Flower King named King Petalia XIII, until his ambassadors from his home planet arrive. However, the MBC seems to ignore it because they have something else to do. They don't notice that Petalia is kidnapped by Jeremy, who thought the king as an ordinary flower by mistake.

Episode 8
Battle Of The Bands
Some kids from Singletown like Danny, Wendy and Ralph starting to act weird by robbing items from different shops. Cathy, Chris and Sam finds out that those kids are the hypnotized victims during the recent concert performed by a band named "The Flying Dutchmen". The only thing to stand out that band is to join and become a band for the upcoming concert.

Episode 9 / 10
World's Toughest Kid
Several captured aliens accidentally freed after the MBC failed to send them to intergalactic authorities because Danny shows up late. Meanwhile, Cathy proposes herself, along with Sam's help, for a Student Council President while Danny is challenged by a new tough student named Brian.

Episode 10 / 9
Acting Out
Chris decides to be an intergalactic showbiz star while Cathy auditions for a school play. They never realize that they're attracting an alien lizard who is a talent manager.

Episode 11 / 13
Monster Beaters
John tries to convince MBC to allow him to join, but they didn't agree because he's too young. A new club named "Monster Beaters" appear in town and they welcomed John. Meanwhile, the principal forces the students to join different clubs.

Episode 12
Comic Book Heroes
Sam and Cathy are angry after they find out that there are few comic books about women. So Cathy decides to imitate one of the comic book heroines for advocacy. Meanwhile, a new boy appears at school, who is trying to hypnotize other kids, including Sam to store all of his comic book collections on Earth

Episode 13 / 16
Statue of Limitations
Many residents, including Sam are preparing for the celebration of foundation of Singletown. However, Cathy claims that it's founder, Addison Single is an alien inside the statue and his intention is to make a gathering place for aliens. Deep in the abandoned storage, Chris accidentally touched a gemstone and turns out that the statue is alive.

Episode 14 / 17
Pipe Dreams
The MBC network tunnels began to shake and the gang discovers that a road worker has caused it. The MBC finds out that the road worker's plan is to dig up for new sewers. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster takes the class for sewer sightseeing. The MBC realize that the students will discover network tunnels connect to the sewers. Another problem is that the MBC finds out that one of the road workers is an alien, whose plans is to put the Singletown to underground using tunnels.

Episode 15 / 14
Aliens On The Fast Track
Many of the shop's tool and other machines from Singletown are missing, including Mr. Bitty's. Mr. Bitty suspects that his part-time employer Chris and his three other friends, who come for a visit, stole all of his items. Mr. Bitty told the four that they must bring the items back before 6 PM or else Chris will be in big trouble. So, the MBC decided to take part time jobs each in order to pay Mr. Bitty....while investigating whose alien is behind stealing electric devices.

Episode 16 / 11
Secret Santa
Many kids from Singletown are excited because Christmas is coming while Cathy is clueless why the people on Earth celebrate Christmas during winter season. Meanwhile, an alien named Dingle, who disguise as a Santa Claus plans to kidnap kids, including Sam to become toy makers.

Episode 17 / 15
The Bugaboos
A swarm of bugs attack the MBC after Danny captures their general. Meanwhile, Mr. Smith invites Principal Rollins for tea - an another trouble for MBC.

Episode 18
The Forget-Me-Stone
A beast alien named Glor Glenemore shows up in Mr. Smith's house and the MBC finds that alien until it escape. The next day, the Galactic Commander orders the MBC via transmission that the Forget-Me-Stone is a dangerous item that must return to the Galactic Authorities before Glor Glenemore gets it.

Episode 19 / 20
Camping Out
The power supply of MBC goes to minimum level and the gang doesn't know what to do when their gadgets are out of use. Mr. Smith invites the MBC to go hiking. He tells them that in order to make the clubhouse' power supply return to normal level, they must find a Mobato flower which only grows every four hundred years. While the gang and Mr. Smith goes to the mountains, a wild alien watches them.

Episode 20 / 19
Trick or Treat...Or Alien?
While Cathy, Sam and Chris go trick-or-treating, Mark challenges Danny to go haunted house alone. When Danny sees Wendy look at him, Danny impresses everyone that he is the first kid ever get inside the haunted house. Suddenly, the haunted house's door locked and Danny is stuck inside.

Episode 21
A Matter of Principals
Danny is picked to be a principal in a day, and he has a lot of ideas on how to improve the school. Meanwhile, a dinosaur-like alien shows up to ruin Danny's plan.

Episode 22 / 30
Sore Winner
The MBC finds out many strange symbols in the grounds of Singletown. Proskar, an alien whose interest is games shows up and tells the MBC that the Singletown is his game board called Parchugal. The MBC must play with him before he takes Singletown...

Episode 23 / 22
Beware Of Frogs
A mutated Earth frog comes to Earth to seek revenge on a chef who nearly cook him years ago. The cook turns out to be a substitute teacher of Mr. Fusster.

Episode 24 / 23
Outcraker's Badland Galaxy Tour
Cathy invites her favorite TV star to Earth named Outcraker. Outcraker, who has a show about dangerous stunts, tries to get a good footage by preparing special effects for the MBC. The MBC realizes that Outcraker's plans will come up disastrous results.

Episode 25 / 24
The End Of Everything (Part One)
The MBC's new mission is to teach alien newcomers about Earth, while Mr Smith goes to the Galactic Commander for a very important meeting. On the other hand, somebody is trying to sabotage the MBC by putting them in a trap. Meanwhile, Jeremy goes out for a date with Cathy and he gives her a strange gift.

Episode 26 / 25
The End Of Everything (Part Two)
The Galactic Commander and Mr. Smith put Cathy to their space ship because she is unable to transform back into human. Meanwhile, Elton returns to Earth to replace Cathy, much to Danny's dismay. Chris, on the other hand discovers and shows to his friends the reason behind all of their suspicion. They soon find out that the person behind all of the evil plans is none other than Nossida, Addison Single's son.