Monster Buster Club Episode 13 / 16 - Statue of Limitation

Statue Of Limitation
Many residents, including Sam are preparing for the celebration of foundation of Singletown. However, Cathy claims that it's founder, Addison Single is an alien inside the statue and his intention is to make a gathering place for aliens. Deep in the abandoned storage, Chris accidentally touched a gemstone and turns out that the statue is alive.

Episode Title (in French): R├Ęgle 16 : Ne jamais rester de marbre / Rule 16: Never Stay In Marble

Written by - Shawn Kalb
Head Writer  - John Derevlany
Storyboard by - Matteo Pincelli
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman   
Sam - Anna Cummer 
Danny - Matt Hill 
Chris - Sam Vincent 
Wendy - Tabitha St. Germain
Addison Single - Rick Jones
Ralph -
Roy - Ian Corlett
Principal Rollins - Sonja Ball

  • On Disney Channel Asia, "Statue Of Limitation" is the 16th episode of MBC.
  • "Statue of Limitation" is the opposite - reference of New York City's Statue of Liberty.
  • The real Mr. Gluten (from "The Trouble With Troublemaking") returns.
  • It seems hard for Addison Single to watch Singletown for many years in his state - act like a statue and endure pigeon poop
  • Cathy stretches her arms to deactivate the locks inside the tubes. Wait, does this remind me of Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Southern Air Temple", where Aang opens the gate using Airbending?
  • Why didn't Cathy said to her friends before that there is an underground where the history of Single Town is kept?
  • Inside the old room, there are old weapons like the original Vacuvator and wooden Double X. Chris gets fascinated to those old stuff.
  • So that means the MBC existed in the 19th century on Earth! The original members even defeated Addison's Morphering Glob.
  • In this picture, we can tell that the past MBC members are human beings just like the current MBC members (except Cathy, if you count her as an alien). I wonder who were they?

      • MBC Rule number one: "Don't tell anyone about the mission"
      • Ralph and Roy seem capable of riding electric scooters at their young age.