Monster Buster Club Episode 7 - Flower King

Flower King
The MBC receives another mission from Galactic Commander - by protecting the Flower King named King Petalia XIII, until his ambassadors from his home planet arrive. However, the MBC seems to ignore it because they have something else to do. They don't notice that Petalia is kidnapped by Jeremy, who thought the king as an ordinary flower by mistake.

Episode Title (in French): Règle 07: Toujours protéger un roi / Rule 07: Always Protect The King

Written by - Shawn Kalb
Head Writer  - John Derevlany
Storyboard by - Roberto Marcano
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris, Jeremy - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith - Ian Corlett 
King Petalia XIII -
Galactic Commander - Rick Jones
Clipperbot (at school) -

  • Chris and Sam like to play video games.
  • The video game consoles they use is similar to XBOX 360 and PlayStation X. The game they're playing is called Blastratron 3000 (I think it is based on Space Invaders).
  • Jeremy has a crush on Cathy.
  • King Petalia XIII's name is based after Louis XIII, king of France during early 1600's.
  • There's are campaign posters of Brian and Cathy (from the episode "World's Toughest Kid") but this is episode number 7! Probably this episode happens after the MBC busted the Armor Stickies (see Season 1. Episode 9 / 10 for more details).
  • It looks like the Casanova Vine is female - she likes to constrict Danny.