Monster Buster Club - Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2 (2008 - 2009) Episodes
The season 2 of Monster Buster Club premiered in February 7, 2009 on Jetix Europe and February 14, 2009 on Disney XD. In Canada, the show has announced in year 2009. Disney Channel Asia stopped airing MBC on March 2009.

These are the list of episodes for Monster Buster Club season 2. The format of the episode numbers here are goes something like this:

 Episode <United Kingdom episode number> / <United States and Canada episode number>

Note: The production numbers of MBC are based on US episode numbers. In France, some of their episode numbers are based of production numbers. Episodes 40 to 52 are both in production and episode numbers.

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Episode 27 / 29
Cathy is turning 700 Rhapsodian years old on Earth and she hopes that she will receive a surprise birthday party. The next day, two new recruits arrives and they're quickly accepted by Chris and Cathy, while Danny and Sam get jealous. Chris, Danny, Sam and the two recruits finds out that there will be a surprise party for Cathy from her grandfather.

Episode 28 / 26
Bubble Heads
Danny buys a bubble gum from Mr. Bitty's shop. At school, Danny impresses the students when he blows a big bubble. Later on, he throws that gum away to the trash can until he and his friends finds out that the gum is alive.

Episode 29 / 31
Me Krog, You Rollins
A primitive, humanoid caveman arrives at Singletown Middle School and tries to take Ms. Rollins to become his wife.

Episode 30 / 32
Cloudy With A Change Of Jellynerps
The sky's color turns into pink and Mr. Smith's garden plants are not feeling well. Meanwhile at school, Cathy is summoned to the principal's office and told that she must find her school records, or else she will be expelled. Later on, the MBC finds out that there's a giant alien who tries to eat the town's machines.

Episode 31 / 33
The Destiny Puzzle
One night, an alien space ship came and unload the mysterious device to Mr. Smith's garden. The next day,the MBC discovers a puzzle while helping cleaning Mr. Smith's garden. Eventually, the puzzle reveals about the secret weapon hidden somewhere in the town. Meanwhile, a relative comes to Earth for a visit.

Episode 32 / 34
At school, Mr. Fusster teaches his students about the iguana. Afterward in the clubhouse, Danny is trying to send a Reptilian Morpher that his friends caught earlier to the Galactic Authorities. Suddenly, the Reptilian Morpher free himself and uses his powers to switch bodies with Danny!

Episode 33 / 35
Fitness Freak
Wendy invites Cathy to her slumber party but Wendy's other friends doesn't show up because of cold weather. Later that night, Danny, Sam and Chris discovers that an eater alien named Pizmo the Plump causes cold temperature in town.

Episode 34 / 36
The Beast Within
There's a beast alien watching over Cathy, while the gang hides Cathy from Jeremy, who's following her everywhere. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to be Mark's slave.

Episode 35 / 37
Frogs In Space
Danny, Sam, Chris and John are trapped inside the spaceship by Herptilius, who's seeking revenge to them. Meanwhile, Cathy triggers an allergy that makes things stick to her hand whenever she touches something. Unfortunately, Jeremy comes over the backyard and tries to hold hands with Cathy. While Mr. Smith makes an antidote for the allergy, it's up to Cathy...with the help of Jeremy to rescue her friends.

Episode 36 / 38
Sticky Situation
Gluten is freed by the Galactic Authorities and his new plan is to hunt down Rhapsodians. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster assigned another Science project presentation, and this time Wendy and Cathy become partners. When Wendy forgets an ingredient for the project, Cathy substitutes it with her saliva. She doesn't realize that her saliva will cause her powers to disappear and transfers them to Wendy.

Episode 37 / 39
Galaxy's Strangest Creatures
While Sam paints pictures for the art class, she and her friends notice that the people of Singletown starting to disappear quickly. They think Speedy is the one who causes their disappearance. Later on, they will soon realize that Speedy is not the only alien who runs extremely fast and the MBC needs his help!

Episode 38 / 27
It's Not Good To Be King
One night, Chris checks out the garden thinking the loud noise he heard are dropping of garden supplies. At the same time, Cathy suffers from cold. At school the next day, Chris is chosen to be an emperor by mistake.

Episode 39 / 28
The Whole Truth
The Galactic Commander orders the MBC to capture Agar, who escapes from the prison and hides to Earth. Danny works on a science project class with Wendy. At the clubhouse, John creates a weapon that makes the MBC react strangely whenever they make lies. While the MBC gets into trouble, Agar comes to Earth to search the last elements for his cloaking shield.

Episode 40
Disappearing Act
Wedge escapes from the prison and disguises as a magician named Rhubarb. After a performance, Danny sees Wedge and asks to be his apprentice to impress Wendy. Cathy, Sam and Chris finds out that Wedge returns to make trouble and his aim is to make Singletown disappear.

Episode 41
Keep Your Eye On The Nebulak
Mr. Smith tells the MBC that they have to take care something that looks like a bowling ball while he goes somewhere to build house of cards in peace. While the group is on duty protecting the ball, they encounter a spider-like alien who wants to steal the planet. The MBC finds out that the ball they're holding is a planet called Nebulak.

Episode 42
Famous Four (Part One)
After catching an alien at the mountains, Danny sees the Singletown being invaded and tells to his friends about what he saw. Suddenly, many Singletown residents find out the secret of MBC from Mark's website. The MBC become instant celebrities but someone is displeased to see that the members break the first ultimate rule of the club.

Episode 43
Famous Four (Part Two)
A lot of terrible consequences happened after the MBC is revealed to everyone. Sam and Danny goes into the past to warn their past selves and head to Cathy's house to get Mark's camera. At the present time, Cathy and Chris are trying to stop the alien invaders.

Episode 44
Here Comes The Bride
The school establish a cultural exchange program and Cathy decides to join one. Meanwhile, a Numbarian named Mimi goes to Earth and tries to get Mr. Fusster to marry her. In order not get Mimi angry, the MBC creates a fake wedding.

Episode 45
Dancing In The Dark
Jeremy asks Cathy to watch the lunar eclipse together as date. Sam, Danny, Chris and Mr. Smith also watch the eclipse until they spot the spaceship that can control people's minds.

Episode 46
Clean Sweep
The MBC finds out that there are places in Singletown are neat, but the mess are not arranged according to where supposed to be. Meanwhile, Cathy gets addicted to win freebies by joining various clubs.

Episode 47
Laugh Attack
Many townspeople are starting to laugh without reason and the MBC finds out that Matisse is the cause of that problem. Mark and Jeremy argues over Cathy about whose gonna be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Gilbert comes to Earth to find the gadget that makes everyone not to control their emotions.

Episode 48
Gotta Dance
King Petalia returns and he wants to teach Jeremy on how to dance. Aside from that, the king tells the MBC that his Clipperbots are chasing after him instead of working at him.

Episode 49
The Sound Of Moochie
Frieda returns to Singletown and she brings her new husband Moochie. The Galactic Commander is suspicious to Moochie because he might destroy something inside the MBC's secret basement. At school, Principal Rollins asks Moochie to sing the school's new anthem.

Episode 50
Silly Human Tricks
The Singletown Middle School has a pet show contest. There's a female alien who disguises as a contest judge wants to kidnap participants so she can use them for the galaxy's pet competition.

Episode 51
Princess Sam
Doudo is back to Singletown and this time he asks Sam to be a princess.

Episode 52
Goodbye Earth
The MBC is infected by an alien virus and they're stuck inside the clubhouse. The clubhouse is send to outer space for quarantine.

Are there any episodes?

Sadly, there aren't more episodes. If you seen 52 episodes of Monster Buster Club, that means you've seen everything.