The Monster Buster Club FAQ

This section contains questions and answers many people wanted to know about Monster Buster Club and this site. If you have questions, just e-mail me.

A. The Show / The Site

A.1. What is Monster Buster Club?
Monster Buster Club is a CGI animated series that tells about the three human kids and an alien girl whose mission is to capture alien criminals who tries to invade or destroy Singletown. Together with the alien girl's grandfather, the four kids reformed an "old-age" secret organization called Monster Buster Club or MBC. Not only the members deal with the aliens, but also interpersonal relationships like school, bullies, popular people, friendship, and even crushes.

A.2 When this show is on?
It really depends on what country you live in. Sometimes, it's hard to accurate what time will be on. If you want to see the show, check out the local or cable networks' TV commercials available to your area. If the channel networks mentioned doesn't air episodes of MBC, visit their official websites' program schedules.

A.3  How many episodes are there?
There are 52 episodes of Monster Buster Club.They are divided into two seasons - first season is for 25 episodes, while the second season contains 27 episodes.

A.4 What was the first episode of Monster Buster Club?
In France, "Popular Kids" was aired on October 27, 2007, making the first episode of MBC. However, "Mindreader" appears to be the first one because it is the only episode where the names of Art Director and Co-Producer appeared after the episode title.

A.5 Are there more episodes in production?
Unfortunately, the 52nd episode entitled "Goodbye Earth" is the last episode produced. Marathon Productions doesn't have any plans to continue making more episodes. According to this website here, Marathon and it's co-producers made a deal that they will only produce 52 episodes.

A.6 Why there are some episodes in United States aired in advance, sometimes late?
Not only Monster Buster Club, there are other Marathon animated shows like Totally Spies! and Team Galaxy, have many episodes air in other countries before or after in United States.

Episodes are made in and they're divided into seasons, making sure that those episodes are ready to air on time. For whatever reason, Marathon International (Marathon's distributor of shows for other countries), ships it's first season to other countries, and later on they will release another season. It really depends on Marathon's decision, actually.

A.7 Why does Disney Channel Asia stopped airing season two of Monster Buster Club?
For the most part, I think Disney Channel Asia does not want any because it isn't popular enough or there are problems in arranging schedules.

A.8 Why aren't they showing MBC on my local TV station anymore?
There are two reasons: I think its either the TV stations 1.) have to replace another show that they wanted viewers to watch or 2.) they wanted to get higher ratings from new show. All you got to do is be patient, or maybe write or e-mail that TV station. Make sure that you politely ask them if they can bring it back.

A.9 Why is your site doesn't have video clips, games, audio downloads or anything that doesn't have in your site?
In case of audio and video downloads, it's because of the copyright issues. I only put up stuff what I want to put up here. Sometimes, I get too busy with other things or I forget about them. As for not having episodes to download, there are episodes in YouTube to watch or try searching them using Google.

A.10  Is this a Monster Buster Club official website?
Absolutely no. I created this site to share you the character and information to many viewers who wanted to know more about Monster Buster Club, not to make profits.

A.11 Who owns this fansite?
It's me, the Rhapsodian Touirst.

A.12 What's a fanblog?
A fanblog is a kind of website where the maintainers (aka fans) uses blog to create a fansite.

A.13 Why don't you reveal the plot summaries of all the episodes?
I can't give you many summaries of all the episodes, the channel stations will air the episodes all over again anyway. I can only give you the notes and some hidden animation mistakes (e.g. animation glitches) about the show.

A.14 Can I use your pictures or whatever you have from your fanblog?
Yes, you can take my pictures to put on your site. I'll be glad if you credit me in case you don't want anybody who visits my site getting suspicious that you just steal the pictures.

As for the texts and information, I won't recommend it because I typed a lot of information here and took me many days to make a fanblog. Never copy my character and episode descriptions word-by-word.

A.15 Why did you make this site in blog, not in website?
I really like blogging and I find out that there are lot of fanblogs that are related to TV shows and movies, so I decided to create one through blog. I'm not really good at submitting HTML's or JavaScripts to the website provider like Freewebs or Bravehosts.

A.16 Why there are some information on your fanblog is incomplete?
I still have to watch many episodes of MBC again to gather about the show's information like the episodes, casts and plot summaries. I also need your help through e-mail so I can fill up missing information.

A.17 Why did you call your fanblog "The Monster Buster Club Resources"?
At first, I didn't wanted to name my blog "The Monster Buster Club Resources" because it sounds plain. While I'm planning to develop a fanblog, I originally called it "The Rhapsodian Tourist's Monster Buster Club Fanblog". When I'm about to create a blog, I called it "The Monster Buster Resources" because I find out that I type a lot of information about the show. So yeah, that's the story....


B. Questions Related To The Show

B.1 How old are the characters?
The only character mentioned the age is Cathy, whose 700 Rhapsodian years old. According to the official website, her age is equivalent to 250 Earth years. On the other hand, there have been some confusion in two official websites whether the middle-school children like Danny, Sam and Chris are 10 or 12 years old. The same goes to Cathy if you look at her physical appearance. If you look their education status especially if you relate them to the education in U.S., it gives us the hint that they are 12 years old.

The adults' ages were never really given, though it's up to viewers to analyze to figure them out.

B.2 What's the real name of Danny? Sam? Chris? Cathy?
Only three MBC members are officially revealed their first names: Sam, which is Samantha (some people mentioned her real name), Chris, which is Christopher from the episode "Alien's On Fast Track" and  Danny is for Daniel from the episode "A Matter Of Principals". There is no episode that reveals Cathy's real name (Some fans consider her real name as Catherine or Cathleen).

B.3 What are the surnames of the kids in the show?
Cathy, Danny, Jeremy, and possibly Roy are kids who revealed their surnames. We only found out that Cathy's surname is Smith ("The Trouble In Troublemaking"), Danny's last name is Jackson ("A Matter Of Principals"), Jeremy's last name is Flablotnick ("Frogs In Space"), and Roy's last name is Bernie ("Secret Santa" and "Beware Of Frogs"). The rest of the kids don't have surnames.

B.4 What does Cathy's true alien form look like?
Perhaps this is one of the infamous questions many fans talk about. You'll see Cathy's alien form in the episodes "The End of Everything" (Part 1 and Part 2)", "The Beast Within" and "Goodbye Earth".

B.5 Where does the show takes place?
The show takes place only in Singletown, though it's specific location is never revealed (although some viewers said that town is based somewhere in Europe).

B.6 What year was Monster Buster Club made?
The show was created in year 2007 for TF1, and then it was distributed in other countries in year 2008.

B.7 When and where did the original Monster Buster Club formed before Earth? Who first formed MBC?
The show and the official websites tells us that Monster Buster Club was created few centuries ago before Cathy and Mr. Smith arrive to Earth to form a new one. However, the show and the staff never tell us who are the original founders of that secret organization or where and when did it started.

B.8 Why is the Monster Buster Club a secret organization?
The same question is similar to Men in Black.  First of all, if Monster Buster Club is revealed to the public, the members will be unable to perform their mission well especially if they're offered something from someone else like being commercial stars or guest appearances (Mr. Smith doesn't agree to MBC turning into showbiz stars as seen in the episode "Acting Out".). Another thing is the Galactic Commander is the one who will decide and maintain the organization as seen in the episode "The Famous Four" (Part 1 and Part 2)".

B.9 Is / Are there any people from Singletown, besides the members, know about Monster Buster Club?
So far, John (Chris' younger brother) is the only person in Singletown who knows the secret of MBC. Later in the future episodes, few people might find out that the MBC are the kids they're familiar to them.

B.10 What does the Monster Buster Club members do? What are their weapons?
The MBC's mission is to hunt down alien criminals who are trying to invade Singletown. The members of that club uses a variety of gadgets to defeat and capture aliens. The first weapon they will use is called Blasters, which are usually weak. If it doesn't work, Blasters can change into any of the four weapons available - Double X, Sonar Blaster, Alien Flasher, Electrobuble, and Vacuvator. Double X, Alien Flasher and Sonar Blaster are used for extra firepower while Electrobubble is used to trap enemies. If the enemy becomes frail or weak, Vacuvator is the final weapon used to capture them.

B.11 Why is Cathy the only MBC member who has extraordinary powers? What are her special abilities?
Cathy is the only MBC member on Earth who has special abilities because she's an alien called Rhapsodian. Rhapsodians are aliens who are gifted with a lot of extraordinary powers and have ability to disguise as humans. Usually, Cathy uses stretching abilities but in few episodes she used other abilities like telekinesis ("Trouble With Troublemaking"), and super strength ("Mindreader").

B.12 Why does Danny has a scar on his left eyebrow?
The show doesn't reveal how Danny got his scar. In some episodes, it is hinted that Danny's interest in athletics or skateboarding causes to have that one.

B.13 What does Cathy say in the show's opening?
Hi! My name is Cathy. My grandpa and I came from planet Rhapsodia to power up an age-old secret society. With my new friends, our mission is to battle troublemaking aliens around Singletown. We are... the Monster Buster Club!

B. 14. Where are the kids' parents?
For some reason, the show only focuses on the kids and their adventures about battling alien enemies. 

B.15 Where can I watch Monster Buster Club online?
As far as I know, you can watch Monster Buster Club online on Youtube. They have a lot of episodes but incomplete because the uploaders of those episodes don't want to be banned for licensing issues.

B.16 What will happen to MBC after the last episode of the show?
Check out this interview here. You'll find the answer at the last question.

B.17 Will there be Season 3 of Monster Buster Club?
Right now, Marathon doesn't have plans to produce another season of MBC. : (

B.18 What merchandise is available? Is there any DVD of the show?
Monster Buster Club merchandises are available, but most of them are available in France only. If you're able to understand French, there are MBC story books and stickers sets that you can order here. DVDs are
available but only in France. TF1 (the channel where MBC aired in France) released two volumes of  Monster Buster Club like this one here and here.There are no English-dub DVDs available for United
States or any other English-speaking countries. Only Marathon's popular animated series are on DVD. If you have Nintendo DSi or DSi XL, Nodcurrent released the video game version of the show and you'll need to download it via DSiWare to play.

B.19 How do I contact the staff? The show's casts? The creator? Marathon?
For the first set of question, you can contact the staff in this website here (you'll soon find out their e-mail addresses) but don't expect to receive any MBC-related answers from them. For the second question, I don't think you're able to contact the casts because they get their own projects or whatever they're doing right now.

Marathon Media Group is a part of Zodiak Media Group and here are their addresses:

Head Office (London branch):

Gloucester Building
Kensington Village
Avonmore Road
London W14 8RF
United Kingdom

(t): +44 (0)20 7013 4000
(f): +44 (0)20 7013 4012
(e): contactus@zodiakmedia.com

Head Office (Paris branch) 

8, Boulevard des Capucines
75009 Paris

(t): +33 (0) 1 53 10 70 21
(f): +33 (0) 1 53 10 94 50

(e): contactus@zodiakmedia.com

The only address you can send your comments or fan mail is on Marathon's headquarters:

Animation Studio 1, rue des dechargeurs
Paris 75001
Phone: +331 4434 6600

This is where you can write to, like how much do you love their show or request that they will produce DVDs for US. There's a chance that they'll answer you right away if you write in French. However, if you make nasty comments, Marathon will reject your message.


C. The Monster Buster Club Fandom

C.1 Where can I post my MBC fanfiction, fanart, or graphics?
If you created a fanfiction about Monster Buster Club, a great place to put them is on Fanfiction.net. Be careful though, some stories published by other fans has mature themes. If you have fanarts or graphics, DeviantArt, FanPop and Fanart Central are another great place.

C.2  I want to make a fansite about Monster Buster Club. Is there any free website hosting available?
Yes and there lot of free website hosts. Bravenet.com, Fortunecity.com and Webs.com are the only sites I know that doesn't require money charge, but they make pop-up adds every time you open other websites from them. You can also create fansites in blog (they're called fanblog) like mine.

C.3 I wanted to see the season 3 of Monster Buster Club. How can I contact Marathon? The staff?
See question B.17 for more details.

C.4 I've got an idea for an episode! Who am I going to send to? How do I send my script?
Sending a script isn't gonna easy as you expected and it requires a lot of process for sending it. Another problem is that Marathon doesn't allow viewers to send their own scripts especially they're not the staff of that company.

If you don't like to send scripts to the company and you created them for fun, Fanfiction.net is good place to be. At least, you'll learn a lot how to improve your stories.

C.5 Do you know how to create Monster Buster Club graphics like icons, avatars, signatures or wallpapers?
No, not really. I do have Adobe Photoshop at home and I barely use it. Like you, I also need to learn how to create good graphics. Why not start at the basics like cropping pictures and putting basic effects then try advanced techniques?

C.6 Where can I download Monster Buster Club episodes online?
Try checking out this place's External Links first and there might be websites that offers free complete episodes. I did not upload them all, I tell you. If they're not available, then try searching them in Youtube or use Google.

C.7 Aside from this fansite, where I can get more Monster Buster Club information?
See my External Links section.

C.8 Will you affiliate with my Monster Buster Club fansite or as my favorite site?
Sure, feel free to do so. : )