General Notes About The Show

General Notes for Season 1 and 2:

-  After the success of 2D animation shows like Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery, and Team Galaxy, Monster Buster Club is the first 3D animated series from Marathon Media Group.

- In French dub version, all of the episode titles are based on the rules or missions rather than the episode themes. For example, in US, the episode is "Popular Kids" while in France is "Règle 01 : Se méfier des majorettes". In translation, it means "Rule 01: Beware Of Cheerleaders".

- The main characters are four - Danny, Chris and Sam who are human beings while Cathy is an alien who disguises as a young girl.

-  All characters doesn't seem change their clothes except for specific things like Chris's bad-boy wear in the episode "Trouble With Troublemaking" and Cathy and Sam's Halloween costume in "Trick or Treat...or Alien?".

-  The Monster Buster Club is an "old-age" secret society founded many centuries ago on Earth. It still unknown whether humans, aliens or both races found that organization.

-  The club contains secret technology and advanced weapons to help defeat alien criminals from different galaxies. They also have secret underground tunnels. However, there none of any episodes on how the club got started.

-  Many human characters appear to be tall and thin except Mr. Pillsbury and Roy.

-  Many human characters, including aliens who uses human disguises (except the weather reporter in the episode "Cloudy With A Change Of Jellynerps" whose fingers have six) have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

-  The show setting is on a peaceful town called Singletown. That town was founded by Addison Single 200 years ago. Unknown to humans, Singletown is actually a meeting ground for aliens.

-  If you look closely to Danny's left eyebrow, you'll see a scar on him. The show doesn't reveal how he got that one.

-  Cathy and her grandpa Mr. Smith are aliens who come from planet Rhapdosia and they are called Rhapsodians. Rhapsodians are long-lived aliens who have a lot of extraordinary powers. They're also able to disguise as human beings or if possible, other alien species. Cathy usually uses her powers, mostly stretching abilities to help fight enemies or save her friends. Mr. Smith, on the other hand rarely uses his powers except in case of emergencies.

- Like Ben 10, Monster Buster Club has so-called "Monster of the day". Every episode, the MBC encounters many alien invaders and criminals (most of them uses human disguise to trick people) who are trying to destroy Singletown. At the end of episode, the MBC captures that alien.

Monster Buster Club's mission is to hunt down alien enemies, captures them and sends them to Galactic Authorities from other galaxy. The MBC has a set of rules to follow like not to kill aliens or never reveal the secret organization to human beings other than it's members. If any of the rules are violated, the Galactic Commander is the one who will disband the club and Cathy and Mr. Smith will be forced to return to their home planet.

-  Some of aliens appear in the show are based on specific themes like King Petalia XIII (flower), Pincherbots (robot), the Bugaboos (insects), and Herptilius (frog).

- All of the aliens featured on the show speak English other than their very own language.

- The weapons used by MBC are not meant to kill aliens but to push or stun them until they're become weak to capture.

- All of the aliens, whether enemies or not have their own reasons why they come to Singletown - from stealing machines up to destroying the town.

- All of the MBC members wear jackets but they dress in different style.

-  Danny, Cathy, Sam and Chris study at Singletown Middle School. There is a debate whether the kids are 10 or 12 years old. According to this official TV website here, the kids are 12-years old but on this official Marahon Media website here, the kids are said to be 10-years old. I've looked many websites about the education system between United States and France like this one here and here then compare their differences. It seems that in France and US, kids usually started to go middle school at the age of 11. So in this case, the MBC are 12 years old and likely to be in second year.

-  Even their weapons sometimes don't work well, the MBC uses their physical attacks like punching and kicking. Except Chris, who admits he can't fight well without weapons.

-  The four kids are surprisingly mature in their ages despite that they know how to get part-time jobs. Even their parents are never revealed in all episodes.

- The following of the MBC's classmates don't reveal their surnames in the whole show: Wendy, Mark, Ralph and Roy.

- The Singletown residents feature on the show, with the exception of Mr. Smith, don't reveal their first names.

- It's no wonder that the names like Danny, Cathy, Sam and Chris are just nicknames. Danny, Sam and Chris' real names are revealed. For Cathy, it is unknown whether it's just her nickname or her first name (though, some fans consider "Catherine" as her real name).

- Only two MBC members revealed their surnames: Cathy Smith (she shares that surname with her grandfather in the episode "Trouble in Troublemaking") and Danny Jackson, whose surname is called by Principal Rollins in the episode "A Matter Of Principals".

- In many episodes, Cathy mentions about the things what has in planet Rhapsodia like activities or weather. Sometimes, she has a lot of gadgets from her home planet so her friends could try them like Rhapsodian Puzzle Stick for Danny ("Trouble With Troublemaking") and Rhapsodian Funny-bone Refresher for Sam ("Me Krog, You Rollins").

- In Season 2 of MBC, some of the aliens featured on the previous season returns: grandma Octovore, Herptilius, Gluten, Speedy, Wedge, Gilbert, Doudo, and King Petalia XIII.

- It is implied that Monster Buster Club deals with the aliens, not monsters.


General Notes About The Shows Opening

Cathy narrates the opening sequence. Every episode, she says:
      "Hi! My name is Cathy. My grandpa and I came from planet Rhapsodia to power up an age-old  secret society. With my new friends, our mission is to battle troublemaking aliens around Singletown. We are... the Monster Buster Club!"
In the pre-production opening sequence (which can be found in this link), there are slightly difference in narration. Cathy states that:
 "Hi! My name is Cathy. My grandpa and I came from planet Rhapsodia to power up an age-old secret society. With my new friends Danny, Sam and Chris, our mission is to battle troublemaking aliens around Singletown. We are... the Monster Buster Club!"

- In the opening, Cathy and Mr. Smith crash landed to Earth while Cathy introduces herself and told the audience that they came from planet Rhapsodia to form a group.

- Danny, Sam and Chris goes out to school. Sam pointed out that there's an asteroid nearly fall down in Singletown. Cathy continues to explain that she met her three friends who also become members. Danny, Sam and Chris rush to the clubhouse while Cathy and Mr. Smith showed up from their spaceship.

-  Cathy, Danny, Sam and Chris went to the clubhouse immediately. A mysterious insignia appeared from their clubhouse door. The four formed a circle then a light shows up from their steps. Cathy raised her left arm and showed her V-Com. The four kids transformed with their special suits.

- The next scene shows Danny watching a huge monitor. Then, the kids are ready to fight while the shadowed monsters are behind to them. The kids ran away getting ready for battle. While in that scene, Cathy tells the audience that their mission is to hunt down trouble-making aliens in Singletown. At the end of Cathy's speech, she tells that they are the Monster Buster Club.

- In the next scene reveals the Monster Buster Club members: Chris - who dives up from pile of books and found out what he wanted to read while his background is the MBC clubhouse. Sam - laughing while in her background is in Singletown park. Danny - gets excited and suddenly faints when he find Wendy at the back while his background is in Singletown Middle School. Last one is Cathy - who do dance a little and suddenly she stretch her legs up when a basketball shoots in front of her.

- The four kids are in the clubhouse - Sam sits in a couch reading, Chris sits in a couch too while using laptop, Danny sits in small sofa while his feet is on the table and Cathy standing and smiling while looking at the camera. Danny, Chris and Sam looks in front to the camera and smile, too

- Another scene is in Singletown Middle School classroom and Mr. Fusster shows up. Cathy raised her left hand (probably answering Mr. Fusster's question) and suddenly her V-Com alarmed. Her friends' V-Com alarmed too and the four rush out in the middle of the class. While running, they didn't notice Principal Rollins while the principal looks them at the back. The four went inside their school lockers and closed them simultaneously.

- The four Monster Buster Club's space pods appeared and flew out. Danny and Sam run to the shadowed monsters. The four kids showed their weapons and shoot the alien enemies. With a blast, the monsters disintegrated. Danny and Chris captured them using their Vacuvators.

- In the final scene, in the clubhouse Cathy, Sam, Chris and Danny are there. Cathy raised her right arm, Sam looked at the boys, while Chris and Danny make a high five. Sam and Chris went back to the clubhouse first while Cathy continues to raise her right arm. Danny, on the other hand makes a peace sign. Danny and Cathy went back to the clubhouse. Cathy closes the door and the Monster Buster Club title logo appeared. The insignia of MBC rolled out on the left and you'll hear the sound of an electric guitar goes down.