Main Characters - The MBC Members

Monster Buster Club or MBC is a secret organization that was created centuries ago. Their mission is to protect the innocent lives against alien invaders. In that club, they have various weapons to beat and capture aliens and they have secret headquarters which contain advanced technology. In this show, the story tells about the three young heroes, together with an alien girl have task to protect Singletown from alien enemies. While the MBC members hunt down aliens, they also deal their interpersonal relationships like crushes, bullies, and friendships.

The Monster Buster Club Members

Name: Cathy Smith
Nickname: Cathy, Cath
Age: 700 (in Rhapsodian years) / 250 (in Earth years)
Occupation: Student, member of Monster Buster Club, part - time bird walker
MBC Suit Color: Pink

Cathy may look like a typical young Earthling, but she's actually hundred years older than any human kids! She's an alien who comes from planet Rhapsodia. She came to Earth with Mr. Smith to form a new Monster Buster Club. As a Rhapsodian, Cathy has a lot of superpowers that can be used in certain situations. She usually use her stretching ability to rescue her friends.

In her human form, Cathy has blond hair with two pigtails, blue eyes and wears a pink pants, and pink sleeve shirt covered with green jacket. She is cheerful, optimistic and energetic who likes to discover many things on Earth. She's also the one who knows a lot of alien species and their habitat but sometimes she's clueless on how to deal with them. In her alien form, she has pink spots over her body, four tentacle arms, two tentacle legs, stubby ears and head, and fox-like tail.

To know more about Cathy, check out her A-Database information here.

Some things are known in Cathy:
- She's naturally good in acting.
- She's allergic to dogs, but one or two of them is at least okay
- She has a large appetite and likes to eat sweets, which perhaps is the explanation why Cathy is hyper.
- She likes winter season
- She likes to join different clubs but had hard time to choose which one.
- She mentions many things about planet Rhapsodia like her cousins and environment.
- She's not good at mind-reading
- She loves to cook Rhapsodian specialties.
- Sometimes she gets into trouble because of arguing her Science teacher, Mr. Fusster.
- Her big and only secret is that she kissed her cousin on his cheek for a dare.

Likes - adventure, sweets, winter season, cooking

Dislikes -  dogs (she's allergic to it), Science, her cousin Elton


Name: Samantha
Nickname: Sam
Age: 12 years old
Occupation: Student, member of Monster Buster Club, fruit juice seller.
MBC Suit Color: Yellow

Sam is a dark-skinned girl who is a rational member and has a strong personality. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a (sleeveless?) shirt covered with yellow jacket, and white pants. Since she's the serious member in the group, she usually the one who comes up with plans on how to capture aliens. Sometimes, she can get bossy at times and seems like she's the leader of the group, although the MBC is forbidden to have a leader. Due to her personality, her friends think she's a dull person. Deep inside, Sam has a softer side and concerns her friends' safety. It is unknown why she joined the MBC.
Some things are known to Sam:
-  Sam is interested in computers and video games.
-  She hates detention.
-  She joined the karate club.
-  She's the driver of the MBC's car vehicle - The MBV.
-  She's apparently revealed that she's afraid of spiders.
-  She's not good at knitting
-  She's ambidextrous.

Likes - karate, action movies, computers, video games

Dislikes - spiders, rich and snobby classmates like Mark, bullies, cooking, knitting, aliens, detention


Name: Christopher
Nickname: Chris
Age: 12 years old
Occupation: Student, member of Monster Buster Club, part - time store assistant
MBC Suit Color: Blue

Chris is the technology expert of the group. He has indigo hair (but intended as black) and dark blue eyes. He wears a blue - green sleeve shirt covered with blue green jacket, blue pants, and has dark skin. He's also smart guy who likes computers and books. He doesn't like physical activities that doesn't involve with gadgets or his intellect. He's a member of computer club along with Jeremy. He also has a younger brother named John. It's unknown why Chris joined the MBC, though the latter is implied that he gets fascinated with the club's advanced technology.

Some things are known in Chris:
- He has an obsession at video games and gets excited whenever he tries latest ones.
- He's usually the one who hold's MBC tracking devices such as the A-Scanner.
- He shows to be an artistic.
- He reveals that he won the Science Fair three times in a row
- Contrast to Cathy's acting because of curiosity, Chris likes to be famous on TV.
- He hates (and afraid) to get detention.

Likes - Science, Math, gadgets, computers, video games

Dislikes - living without technology, camping, detention, big aliens


Name: Daniel Jackson
Nickname: Danny, The Danny (as he often call it himself whenever he accomplished something), Danny Wanny
Age: 12 years old 
Occupation: Student, member of Monster Buster Club, part - time lawn mower operator
MBC Suit Color: Red

Danny is a jock-type who likes sports, making jokes and not as bright as he wanted to be. Deep down, he's really a nice guy at heart. He has brown hair and green eyes. He wears purple jacket and orange pants. He has a scar on his left eyebrow which it never revealed how he got that one (perhaps because of trying a dangerous sport before or a childhood injury).

He's a kind of member who acts first before thinking. He also likes to crack jokes to his friends as well as aliens. He's an athletic kind of person and skilled at skateboarding. Sometimes, he can get uncoordinated with his skills though. He has a crush on Wendy, who doesn't seem to have at least a little interest on him. Danny claims that he's one of the popular kids at school and to avoid losing that status, he faces some challenges given from the other kids just to prove that he's "The Danny". Probably being more popular and proving himself more worthy are the reasons why he joins the MBC.

Some things are known to Danny:
- It's surprisingly that there are few things between him and Cathy have in common: they both have large appetites and gets into trouble at school.
- He joins the ice hockey club.
- According to him, he always invited many sorts of parties. 
- Unlike his friends, Danny is a bit of troublemaker.
- His only secret is that he has a purple teddy bear named Mr. Fluffyboots.
- He seems to be resourceful. He used a mind-boggling puzzle game to knock out an enemy.

Likes - sports, skateboarding, parties, Wendy, eating, making pranks, being popular

Dislikes - aliens (especially the ones who kidnap his friends), Mark, studying