Cathy Smith

 Cathy's human form and wears a pink MBC suit.

Cathy's alien form

Name: Cathy Smith

Nickname: Cathy, Cath, Rhapsodian, Rhapsodian girl, Space girl, Earthling

Age: 700 (in Rhapsodian years) / 250 (in Earth years)

Home Planet: Rhapsodia

Species: Rhapsodian

Classification: Humanoid / Mollusk

Powers / Abilities: Just like the rest of the Rhapsodians, Cathy can use a lot of extraordinary abilities like stretching, mind reading, telepathy, flying, super strength, ice breathing, drilling her arms, and able to glow in the dark. When she eats chocolate (or any food that contains chocolate), she breathes fire.

Weakness: She is allergic to pets (e.g. dogs) and anchovies.

About Cathy:
Cathy comes to planet Earth, along with her grandfather to form a new Monster Buster Club. Her MBC suit color is pink. Cathy is an energetic, optimistic and cheerful girl who likes to discover many things on Earth. Although Cathy is the oldest member of the current MBC, she acts like a kid.