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  1. hi, this site is really grreat!

  2. Hey, I noticed you posted on my Team Galaxy fansite. Thanks for the comment. MBC actually used to show right before Team Galaxy on YTV at 4 AM, but recently, both shows were cancelled entirely from that station. I must admit the graphics for MBC were a bit better than TG, but I can't say I really admired the plot (just didn't make any sense to me, I guess). Anyways, your site is pretty cool, as well. See ya :)

  3. Gosh!I've been following your site for months but until now I've recognized what's a GUESTBOOK! Well anyway I really like your blogs and I could really say you're a Filipino..well, I'm one too but your blog was really AWESOME!Good Job anyway..I could say you're a keen observer because of the infos you're blogging!!! :]

  4. I'm linking you're site to fanpop...is that okay?? :]

  5. Hi! I've been following your blog for 2 weeks now. I am also a fan of MBC since it aired on Disney Channel Asia around May 2008. Sadly, Disney cancelled airing the series around March 2009. Not much of an MBC fan base from the Philippines since it aired on Disney until it aired on Q 11, a free-to-air Filipino channel. I'm a college student now and I still love Monster Buster Club. I think I was the only one in my friends that loves MBC. I didn't have any idea that it would air on Q11 dubbed in Filipino until one of my college classmates told me (he knew that I was a fan).
    Since it aired on Q 11, I've been meeting a lot of MBC fans from the Philippines. IMO, I don't really like how MBC was dubbed in Filipino, but since I am a huge MBC fan, I was still watching it.
    By the way, I was the one who uploaded the MBC English episodes on YouTube (fryertuck37) that were previously unavailable. I got them from XWeasel (which is like P2P but uses IRC, and much difficult to use). I only uploaded low resolution format of the episodes on YT to save on upload bandwidth on our slow connection.
    If you would like to obtain the high-res copies of the episodes (except for Dancing in The Dark) for uploading, I would be glad to share them with you.

    -=Big J. of Zone FM Naga City=-

  6. i love monster buster club its an awesome show and this website is awesome a lot of times i play monster buster club using water guns and stuff like that thats how much i really like monster buster club even tho a lot of people say that show sucks it dosent its a good show i just wish they dident stop it i wish there was a season 3 one time i made a v-com out of paper but it dident work it was fail but whoever made this website can u contact me by email or something Jaaronickestrella@hotmail.com

  7. I would like to comment on your information about the airing times of MBC:

    "It really depends on what country you live in. Sometimes, it's hard to accurate what time will be on. For U.S and UK, it airs around 10:00 AM every Monday mornings. For Disney Channel Asia, the show airs around 4:30 PM every weekends. As of 2010, Disney XD and Disney XD Espanol airs Monster Buster Club every Friday mornings from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. If you live in the Philippines, you can watch Monster Buster Club every 4:30 PM weekday afternoons on Q channel 11."
    As of around March 2009, Disney Channel Asia took MBC off air (they've probably aired 35-40 episodes only). It used to air at 2:30PM weekends (DC Asia never moved its time slot).

    Disney XD (US), according to a friend, already stopped airing MBC. They finished all the episodes.

    For Q Channel 11, they aired MBC's last episode on November 23, 2010. Q 11 was the only station that aired MBC in Filipino dub and the only one that aired all the MBC episodes in the Philippines. It's hard to tell if they would re-air the series as Q Channel 11 already reformatted to an all-news channel, GMA News TV.

    As far as I know, YTV still airs MBC on Canada. You can check the air times here: http://www.ytv.com/schedule/default.aspx?d=30

    About the Disney Channel Asia on your FAQ section:
    I agree, MBC wasn't that popular during its run. IMO, MBC became..well I guess I could say...more popular when Q 11 aired it in Filipino. I would doubt that the show rated well on its run as it airs on a minor station and its time slot can be considered "dead". Its "popularity" in the Philippines can be attributed to (1) Being dubbed in local language which is Filipino (2) It is aired on free TV and AFAIK, Channel 11's signal is strong enough to reach the whole Metro Manila. and (3) the show itself really appeals to young ones, and grown ups.

    You may reach me out through email: zonefm@bicolradio.org. I can give you my Facebook account so you can contact me thru emailing.