Monster Buster Club Episode 31 / 33 - The Destiny Puzzle

The Destiny Puzzle
One night, an alien space ship came and unload the mysterious device to Mr. Smith's garden. The next day,the MBC discovers a puzzle while helping cleaning Mr. Smith's garden. Eventually, the puzzle reveals about the secret weapon hidden somewhere in the town. Meanwhile, a relative comes to Earth for a visit.

Episode Title (in French): Règle 33 : Une prophétie peut en cacher une autre / Rule 33: A Prophecy May Hide Another

Written by - Scott Albert
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by - Alex Ulmann
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman
Danny  - Matt Hill
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith - 
Frieda Smith - Sonja Ball
Grandfather Octovore -
Grandmother Octovore -
Destiny Puzzle -

  • Cathy's eyes turn purple as she lift the cube from underground using telepathy. After that, she said that she learned that trick from her uncle Byron.
  • Chris admits that he became a champion in Singletown's Rubik's Cube Competition three times in a row.
  • We learn that Mr. Smith has an elder sister named Frieda.
  • Mr. Smith's first name is revealed - Hugo.
  • It seems that Mr. Smith has his own gardening business.
  • The Monster Buster Club's vow for Frieda - "We solemn, we swear on the honor of Monster Buster Club not to tell Frieda". While they saying that, the members raise their right hand, putting their left hand to their chests, and lift their heads up.
  • How did Grandpa Octovore turn on the lights in the factory?
  • I guess Chris can drive the MBV, too. 
  • This episode confirms that the current Monster Buster Club is one year old. Grandmother Octovore was busted at the dance party last year. It is also hinted that Danny, Sam and Chris are almost 13 years old.
  • Where's Jenny in this episode? She and her grandmother were trapped in the clubhouse's canister storage room before her grandfather arrived.