Monster Buster Club Episode 34 / 36 - The Beast Within

The Beast Within
There's a beast alien watching over Cathy, while the gang hides Cathy from Jeremy, who's following her everywhere. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to be Mark's slave.

Episode Title (in French): R├Ęgle 36 : Dompter le monstre en soi / Rule 36: Taming The Monster Itself

Written by - Ben Joseph, Frank Young
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by - Yves Bigerel
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman
Danny  - Matt Hill
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris, Jeremy - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith -
Mark - Ian Corlett
Alcascythe -
Principal Rollins - Sonja Ball

  • Cathy and Mr. Smith's alien form are scanned by the enemy.
  • Sam watched an action movie called "Ninja Girls: Unleashed!" last night.
  • She called herself as "Ninja Girl".
  • Mark experienced summer school, only if there's any air conditioner.
  • Mr Smith can create a Rhapsodian distress signal.
  • The planet Rhapsodia and it's moons are featured.
  • When Cathy uses her stretching powers to get the Blaster, the Blaster suddenly transformed into Electrobubble.
  • Sam has a red cellphone.