Monster Buster Club Episode 37 / 39 - Galaxy's Strangest Creatures

Galaxy's Strangest Creatures
While Sam paints pictures for the art class, she and her friends notice that the people of Single Town starting to disappear quickly. They think Speedy is the one who causes their disappearance. Later on, they will soon realize that Speedy is not the only alien who runs extremely fast and the MBC needs his help!

Episode Title (in French): R├Ęgle 39 : Un artiste peut en cacher un autre / Rule 39: An Artist Can Hide Another

Written by - Rhonda Smiley
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by -Christophe Yoshida
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Sam - Anna Cummer
Cathy - Andrea Libman
Danny - Matt Hill
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith - 
Mark, Roy - Ian Corlett
Speedy - Michael Yarmush
Veedy -
John -Tabitha St. Germain
Ralph -
Mr. Pillsbury -
Principal Rollins (voice box) - Sonja Ball

  • Too bad we can't see Cathy's vacation photos when she was in planet Xantham - the hottest travel spot in the galaxy.
  • Mr. Pillsbury is in charge of art class.
  • In the first day of art class, Chris is present. The next day, he's not in the class. The third day, Cathy is present. Probably, it has something to do with their shifting schedules.
  • Cathy says that she was the muse of Glitchstick, the great singer back in Rhapsodia. It is unconfirmed whether it's true or she's just lying.
  • Speedy has a twin brother named Veedy. Veedy was named after the word "Velocity".
  • Cathy has another wacky item called Rhapsodian Paintbrush. It can make paintings actually happen in real life. She said that she once painted a gaggle of Donkledorks with that tool.
  • Something's Glitch: How can Chris go down to the classroom from its ceiling? 
  • The first item Mr. Smith found in his junk is called Zinklefor. It was appeared in the episode "Cloudy With A Change of Jellynerps" as well as "Dog Daze".
  • Cathy and Mr. Smith had a pet Smoodgie that was sold in the junk for 15 Gleebs (Currency in Rhapsodia?)
  • Junk items founded by Mr. Smith - Philosatian destructor ray, half a jar of cloning paste and Rhapsodian holo-link.
  • In old days, Rhapsodian holo-links (they're look like modern cellphones) were popular before Cathy was born.
  • The Carpedo is used for the second time. 
  • Mark's two chefs from the episode "Snack Time" are kidnapped. 
  • Rhapsodian Dictionary (or Slang) From This Episode: "Simplefarp" means "darn".
  • Sam is a fan of fine arts. She likes paintings.
  • "If you're really were an art lover Veedy, you know there's more to art than meets the eye" -  More than meets the eye is a popular tag line from Transformers franchise.