Monster Buster Club Episode 32 / 34 - Lizard Tails

Lizard Tails
At school, Mr. Fusster teaches his students about the iguana. Afterwards in the clubhouse, Danny is trying to send a Reptilian Morpher that his friends caught earlier to the Galactic Authorities. Suddenly, the Reptilian Morpher free himself and uses his powers to switch bodies with Danny!

Episode Title (in French): Règle 34 : Garder son sang froid / Rule 34: Keep Your Cool

Written by - Richard Clark
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by - Hulya Guc
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Danny  - Matt Hill
Cathy - Andrea Libman
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith -
Mr. Fusster, Roy - Ian Corlett 
Reptilian -
Ralph -
Wendy -Tabitha St. Germain

  • It seems that there's also basketball in planet Rhapsodia. Cathy says that in her home planet, the players are allowed to use their powers to shoot the ball.
  • Danny hates lizards.
  • The name of the school's iguana is Spike. The school also has a pet pigeon name Green Jeans. Unfortunately, Cathy mistreated that pigeon last semester. 
  • Spike seems unhappy - a bad sign that Spike will be dying, isn't it?
  • There's a purple Octovore next to the Reptilian. Do you think that's Grandmother Octovore?
  • At recess, Sam has a pink lunchbox.