The Gumblian leader

 A group of Gumblians

The Mastication monster

Name: The Gumblians

Home Planet: Bagumblia

Species: Gumblians

Classification: Sticky / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: If threatened, Gumblians are able to group and fuse together to become a giant alien.

Weakness: They're mistakenly as chewing gums. They become weak and turn into bubble gums in frozen areas.

About the Gumblians:
Gumblians are actually peaceful aliens unless they are eaten by other aliens and humans. Their size is as small as chewing gums on Earth. They move to Earth because their home planet is suffering from extreme global cooling. They are also mercilessly chewed by other aliens in different galaxy in many generations. What the Gumblians want is to make aliens think that they are not candies that must be eaten.