Monster Buster Club Episode 14/17 - Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams
The MBC network tunnels began to shake and the gang discovers that the road workers have caused it. The MBC finds out that the road worker's plan is to dig up for new sewers. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster takes the class for sewer sightseeing. The MBC realize that the students will discover network tunnels connect to the sewers. Another problem is that the MBC finds out that one of the road workers is an alien, whose plans is to put the Singletown to underground using tunnels.

Episode Title (in French): R├Ęgle 17 : Toujours suivre le guide / Rule 17: Always Follow The Guide

Written by - Paul Greenberg
Head Writer  - Yves Bigerel
Storyboard by - Mathieu Pitschon
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris, Jeremy - Sam Vincent 
Mr. Smith - 
Mr. Fusster, Mark, Roy - Ian Corlett
Ralph -
Wendy -Tabitha St. Germain
Roadworker alien -

  • On Disney Channel Asia, "Pipe Dreams" is the 17th episode of MBC.
  • Several spots in town's sewers are connected to the MBC's network tunnels.
  • Mr. Smith says that the grasses in Rhapsodia do the ground shaking when they're trimmed.
  • Cathy tells to her friends that Mr. Smith has a personal "craft" hidden under the garden gnome. That's not the spaceship used by Cathy and Mr. Smith when they arrived on Earth, though.
  • Why is Singletown Middle School allowed Mr. Fusster and his students to go field trip on city sewers? It seems dangerous especially they don't have at least one tour guide.
  • In Mr. Fusster's class, there are 12 students but only few of them join the field trip. Jeremy, Ralph and Roy are also Mr. Fusster's students but they aren't present in his class...
  • Who are present in the field trip? Jeremy, Mark, Ralph, Roy, Wendy, Danny, Sam, Chris and Cathy.
  • There's another room for MBC pods, aside from the underground.
  • Rhapsodian Dictionary (Or Slang) From This Episode: "Snorpted" means "doomed".
  • Cathy says that the Rhapsodians have glow bones that can help them see in the dark. 
  • She also says that the Rhapsodians have toilets in the sewer tunnels. 
  • When Mr. Fusster is bumped, his glasses fall out. The next scene, Mr. Fusster has it.
  • Is there any other road workers, besides the human-disguised alien one, shows up?
  • M.D.E.E. - Multidirectional  Electro Emitter. When it is used, all electrical devices in Singletown will shut down.
  • A little history of Monster Buster Club and its tunnels - The first Monster Buster Club arrived in Singletown centuries ago (Cathy doesn't explain what year or century it happened exactly). To keep the club secret, they build pod tunnels throughout the town. The tunnels are said to be important tools to protect humans and aliens alike.