Monster Buster Club Episode 15 / 14 - Aliens On The Fast Track

Aliens On The Fast Track
Many of the shop's tool and other machines from Singletown are missing, including Mr. Bitty's . Mr. Bitty suspects that his part-time employer Chris and his three other friends, who come for a visit, stole all of his items. Mr. Bitty told the four that they must bring the items back before 6 PM or else Chris will be in big trouble. So, the MBC decided to take part time jobs each in order to pay Mr. Bitty....while investigating whose alien is behind stealing electric devices.

Episode Title (in French): R├Ęgle 15 : Respecter les limites de vitesse / Rule 15: Observe The Speed Limit

Written by - Vito Viscomi
Head Writer  - John Derevlany
Storyboard by - Yves Bigerel
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Bitty - John Stocker
Speedy - Michael Yarmush
Ralph -
Mr. Fusster, Roy, Mark - Ian Corlett
Old woman client, Rich lady client - Sonja Ball

  • On Disney Channel Asia, "Aliens On The Fast Track" is the 13th episode of MBC.
  • Chris' real name is revealed: Christopher
  • Chris works on a part - time job at Mr. Bitty's shop. I've seen few cartoon show where the middle or elementary school kids worked on part-time jobs.
  • Cathy uses her arm to drill.
  • In English dub version, there's a part in this episode where Cathy's voice is replaced with Sam's voice.
  • I don't think Cathy will earn some money from doing her (own) part - time job. Poor girl, she's allergic to dogs.
  • Rhapsodian Word/Slang From This Episode: "Shnizbert" means "bad". It also connotes as a bad pet (e.g. bad dog).
  • No matter how many pigeons you have, it's impossible that they'll lift you up in the sky (If that happens, what if few of them is unable to carry your weight?)
  • How can a Speed Morpher like Speedy is able to carry hundreds of canned aliens from the clubhouse in few seconds?
  • MBC has another vehicle, the Carpedo. It looks like a limousine, though.
  • Speedy resembles XLR8 from Ben 10. See their difference... 
  • "Where did Speedy spent his money to go back on his home planet?" Well, nobody knows unless it's possible that the place where Speedy lives accepts money from Earth.