Monster Buster Club Episode 22 / 30 - Sore Winner

Sore Winner
The MBC finds out many strange symbols in the grounds of Singletown. Proskar, an alien whose interest is games shows up and tells the MBC that the Singletown is his game board called Parchugal. The MBC must play with him before he takes Singletown.

Episode Title (in French): Règle 30 : Ne pas être mauvais perdant / Rule 30: Do Not Be A Sore Loser

Written by - Richard Clark
Head Writer  - Al Schwartz
Storyboard by - Gregory Panacionne
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris, Jeremy - Sam Vincent
Proskar -
Mr. Fusster, Roy - Ian Corlett
Ralph -

  • In Disney XD, "Sore Winner" is placed in Season Two of the show.
  • In Rhapsodia, there is a sports game called Pushball.
  • Jeremy volunteers for being in-charge at the detention room. Where's the real Mr. Gluten, anyway?
  • Jeremy's board game, "Demons and Daggers" is an opposite reference of Dungeons and Dragons video game.
  • The Demons and Daggers game includes - blue octahedron dice (8 sides), red dodecahedron dice (12 sides), yellow dust, rule book, paper and pen. That game requires four players to play.
  • In the game, Danny's nickname is Cabazon the Codemaster, Jeremy is the Demon Master and Ralph is the Warrior Princess.
  • Cathy says that the mysterious holes that Sam found are like the distant cousins of extinct three-toed Rhapsodian mailbox.
  • Schlaboonagon - an ancient alien shape that the sum of all sides is equal to the square root of the third hypotenuse (Okay, it's much similar to Pythagorean Theorem). It is also a national symbol of planet Gunyatto.
  • Cathy says that her uncle Byron used to take her in planet Gonyatto for ice cream every Tuesday and Thursdays, and twice on Fridays. So that means in Rhapsodia, the names of the days of the week is same on Earth.
  • She admits that she she dropped Eastern Galactic Dialects when she was in 73rd grade. It's because she's not as linguistic as Mr. Smith in reading Gunyattio (the language of Gunyatto).
  • The planet Gonyatto has deluxe celebrations and games. The Gunyatto inhabitants favorite game is Parchugal, which is stolen by Proskar 700 years ago.
  • The rulebook of Parchugal contains 4000 pages, and they can be downloaded from the intergalactic internet. 
  • How to play Parchugal? Parchugal's playfield is similar to the pinball on Earth but only big. The players (which called Parchugers) have to face obstacles like avoiding flippers and jumping to the bumpers. It's optional to use those traps. The goal of the game is that the players must climb up the stairs and push the button. Whoever pushes the button first is the winner.
  • A stairs that leads to the outer space? Danny seems to be getting tired climbing that.
  • I'd say I consider Jeremy is a genius when it comes to translating alien language by breaking the codes.
  • At the Parchugal dimension, only Sam and Chris's faces can be seen on Proskar's scoreboard.