Monster Buster Club Episode 2 / 1 - Mindreader

Cathy's cousin Elton Smith comes to Earth for a visit. Danny, Sam and Chris discover that Elton has an ability to read people's minds. However, the MBC finds out that Elton is the one who causes their annoyance and embarrassment. What they don't realize is that Elton came to visit because he is wanted by the Pincherbots.

Episode Title (in French):  Règle 02 : Garder ses secrets / Rule 02: Keeping Secrets

Written by - John Derevlan
Head Writer  - John Derevlany
Storyboard by - Jean - Louis Vandestoc, Jean Jacques Denis
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean Jacques Denis
Co-Producer - Sylvain Viau
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes
Art Director - Stephane Berry

Cathy - Andrea Libman
Danny - Matt Hill
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris, Jeremy - Sam Vincent
Elton -
Mark, Roy - Ian Corlett
Wendy -Tabitha St. Germain
Ralph -
Blue Pincherbots -
Red Pincherbot -  

  • On Disney XD, this shown as the first episode of Monster Buster Club.
  • This is the only episode where the names of the Art Director (Stephane Berry) and Co-Producer (Sylvain Viau) are shown at the beginning of the episode. 
  • Sam is using a MacBook.
  • Mark's board game, Fishy Fish is loosely based on a puzzle game called Battleship.
  • "Mindreader" is the first episode where Elton first showed up. 
  • According to Elton, Danny likes to eat wheat bread with roast beef, mayonnaise and banana slices.
  • We learn from Elton that Sam's afraid of spiders, Chris wants to be a hero, and Danny has a purple teddy bear named Mr. Fluffyboots. 
  • Cathy pops up in her locker after Elton shows up. Her head becomes large and yells at her cousin. The idea of having Cathy's large head probably influenced by Marathon's anime style concept (Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery, Team Galaxy) or that's natural for Cathy.
  • Cathy ended up saying "Merci" instead of "S'il vous plaît" (pronounced as Si-vu-play). They're both in French - "Merci" means "thank you", while "S'il vous plaît" is "please".
  • Danny's house is featured and its color is red. 
  • Danny's got a spare blaster on his bed? That seems dangerous...
  • Cathy was 671 Rhapsodian years old when she kissed Elton's cheek for a dare. It's easy to guess that Elton (who was 700 when that dare happened) is 29 years older than Cathy.