Monster Buster Club Episode 17 / 15 - The Bugaboos

The Bugaboos
A swarm of bugs attack the MBC after Danny captures their general. Meanwhile, Mr. Smith invites Principal Rollins for tea - an another trouble for MBC.

Episode Title (in French):  R├Ęgle 13 : Ne jamais prendre la mouche / Rule 13: Never Take The Fly

Written by - Victor Nicolle
Head Writer  - John Derevlany
Storyboard by - Hulya Guc
Storyboard Supervisor - Jean - Jacques Denis
Co - executive Producer -  Charles Henri Moarbes

Cathy - Andrea Libman  
Danny - Matt Hill 
Sam - Anna Cummer
Chris - Sam Vincent
Mr. Smith -
Principal Rollins - Sonja Ball
General Louse  
Mark, Roy, Mr. Fusster - Ian Corlett
Ralph -

  • On Disney Channel Asia, "The Bugaboos" is the 15th episode of MBC. 
  • Chris uses a MacBook.
  • It wasn't easy for MBC to keep General Louse on a knapsack.
  • Danny's skateboard has a picture of green skull similar to Ralph's t - shirt.
  • Mr. Smith says to Ms. Rollins that he worked as a soldier on a military before.
  • Cathy said that there are flying laptops in planet Lampodia.
  • According to Cathy, Rhapsodians doesn't need ladders to reach something up high. Instead, they eat a leaves from Nebula Springer plant. If humans eat those (or drink a tea with that flavor), they will have unpredictable side effects like flying and laughing unconsciously.
  • General Louse misses the point about Singletown: He mentions the word "city" instead of "town".
  • At the clubhouse, there's a sign that says "NO SMOKING". 
  • Bugaboo is also a name of a video game character in Bugaboo (The Flea) who is an insectoid except that he's the protagonist.