Elton Smith

 Elton in MBC uniform

Name: Elton Smith

Nickname: The Mindreader

Age: 729 (in Rhapsodian years)

Home Planet: Rhapsodia

Species: Rhapsodian

Classification: Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Mind reading. He can use other Rhapsodian abilities just like his cousin but probably he used to like people's minds.

Weakness: Lack of physical attacks and inability to read robot's minds.

About Elton:
Elton is Cathy's cousin and Mr. Smith's grandson. He can read people's minds, even if his ears are covered. When he comes to Earth for a visit, the MBC dislike him because he's the reason that they get into misunderstanding and embarrassment. Elton's also a substitute member of MBC and his suit is green. While he's waiting or not involved in the mission, he likes to lie down on the clubhouse's sofa or floating table. Sometimes, he likes to finish other people's sentences or giving some hints to help them.