Road Work Morpher

 Morpher alien

 The Morpher's disguise

The head of the Morpher alien is over the head of the roadworker

Name: Road Work Morpher (unknown name)

Home Planet: ?????

Species: Eye Morpher

Classification: Morpher / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Super strength and able to disguise as a human. In alien form, his head can move to escape from danger.

Weakness: Defenseless without his machines

About the Road Work Morpher:
The unnamed Road Work Morpher goes to Singletown to get revenge on the MBC after he finds out that his brother is vacuvated 50 years ago. His plan is to get revenge on the club by putting Singletown underground using his machine that can suck things from above. His catchphrase is "What do ya, what do ya!" in Southern accent every time he is angry or surprised.