Monster Buster Club Concept Art

Check out these cool Monster Buster Club concept arts created by some staffs of the show. I made this section after I use Google France and I ended up with these. I just want to share these to you if you want to find out more about the characters.

This page category includes the name of the artists and the links where they published their works.

For the show's promotion and official art, click here.

Disclaimer: I didn't draw these pictures. They belong to the character designers and producers from Marathon Media Group.

1.) Main Characters
  • The picture below was presented at the MIPCOM and MIPCOM Jr. in October 2006. The characters are just the concept arts of Cathy, Chris and Danny. They wear different suits and weapons. Here's a trivia: Did you know that some of the MBC artwork you see on TV was produced in India?

    2.) Eric Gosselet

    3.) Dominic Piché 

    4.) Vincent Odic

    5.) Cecile Lancelot-Mauduit
               - http://cecilelm.com/index.html

    6.) Alan Aponte (For the DS game version)
                  - http://alanaponte.blogspot.com/
                  - http://alanapo.deviantart.com/

    7.) Sara Fontaine
                 - http://sara-fontaine.blogspot.com/

    8.) Stéphane Cavalier
                    - http://lecavaliernoir.wordpress.com/

    9.) Jean-marc Leprêtre
                          - http://mapage.noos.fr/cramnaej/indg1.html

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