Morag Gibble

Name: Morag Gibble

Nickname: Morag

Home Planet: ?????

Species: ?????

Classification: Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Turning humans' behavior into alien animals. Tentacles in her hair that increases her strength. She has a cloaking device to escape from danger.

Weakness: Runs slow. It's also possible that the conflict with her hair is another weakness.

About Morag:
Morag disguises as a contest judge to kidnap the human participants in the school's pet show. She has a long braided hair that is alive and has a mind of its own. To make the plan succeed, she gives biscuits to humans which make them behave like wild animals. She wants to kidnap humans because she thinks that they're more unique when entered in intergalactic pet show. She has a cloaking device called Jambeloid to escape from the MBC.