Hugo Smith

Mr. Smith's human form

Mr. Smith's alien form

Name: Hugo Smith

Nickname: Mr. Smith, Mr. S, Grandpa, Old Rhapsodian, Soldier

Age: 3277 years old (in Rhapsodian or Earth years?)

Home Planet: Rhapsodia

Species: Rhapsodian

Classification: Humanoid / Mollusk

Powers / Abilities: Like any Rhapsodians, Mr. Smith has a lot of extraordinary powers. However, he rarely use them.

Weakness: Life without his favorite hobbies.

About Mr. Smith:
Mr. Smith is Cathy's grandfather and only relative came with her on Earth. He rarely use his powers except when it is really needed. Before he became a gardener, he worked as a soldier in an intergalactic military. He has his own exotic garden and also an expert in creating intergalactic herbal medicines. Mr. Smith likes gardening, taking tea, and playing cards with his plants.