Rocky's Jellynerp

 Giant Jellynerp's tentacle

 Jellynerp's real form

Name: Jellynerp

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: Explola - 27

Species: Jellynerp

Classification: Jelly / Cnidarian

Powers / Abilities: When in giant state, Jellynerps are able to eat electronic devices using their tentacles. They're also the cause of changing the sky's color into pink.

Weakness: Garden gnomes.

About Rocky's Jellynerp:
Jellynerps are said to be one of the popular alien pets in the galaxy. Their size ranges from the size of the town up to a giant planet. Jellynerps are responsible to change the sky's color. This jellynerp is owned by an alien weather reporter named Rocky Mountain. He likes to eat machines and electrical devices. He hates eating garden gnomes because he's allergic to it.