Monster Buster Club Fan Interview

MBC Fan Interview With Charles-Henri Moarbes 
April 17, 2011

Few weeks ago, I asked fans from Monster Buster Club Clubhouse for their questions about Monster Buster Club and send them off to the Executive Producer of the show, Charles-Henri Moarbes, for answering. Finally, the questions are now answered. Plenty of them, actually. I would like to thank Mr. Moarbes for answering our questions. He's really an awesome guy!!

Before I submitted their questions to him, I edited the questions for clarification. Don’t worry those questions are almost the same as the original. I arranged some of the questions and answers (the common questions are on the last part). The answer lies what you seek. Enjoy the interview.

Q & A Interview Date: March 25, 2011 – April 8, 2011
E-mail Sent: April 7, 2011
E-mail received from C.H.M: April 17, 2011

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1.) What band plays the opening and ending theme of MBC?

Moarbes: It's a special music that has been composed for the show. The band does not have any name!

2.) Where did you guys come up with the name "Rhapsodia"?

Moarbes: Cathy and Mr Smith told us where they were from!

3.) Why isn't there are video about Elton's transformation? He wears an MBC suit when we see him...

Moarbes: Well, Elton is not per say a permanent member of the Monster Buster Club - there's just one episode where he helps them out...

4.) Do Danny and Sam have siblings?

Moarbes: No!

5.) Why the show does didn't have a scene where the MBC fights the alien in underwater places? (I think it's more like a suggestion, not a question)

Moarbes: It never really happened in the course of the stories, so we never really wondered why - but if it'll happen, we'll certainly see it!

6.) How John did know about the MBC?

Moarbes: We don't know exactly how, but it happened that he did learn about it. So there was no way of shutting him out of it, but since he was too young, he didn't become a member of the club just yet - but he's helping them a lot already!

7.) Why all shows from Marathon like MBC are themed with action and comedy?

Moarbes: It's the "trademark" of all the Marathon shows. Marathon is a company that believes that the key to successful shows is a clever combination of both action and comedy. And so far, Marathon has proven through all their shows that this is a recipe that works!

8.) Where was Danny's, Chris' and Sam's home?

Moarbes: In Singletown, not far from Cathy's house.

9.) What are the first names of Principal Rollins and Mr. Fusster?

Moarbes: They never disclosed them!

10.) What are the requirements in joining MBC?

Moarbes: It's a very, very secret club, and the stakes are high - since the MBC is here to protect Earth - only when you will be asked to join the MBC you will know what are the requirements!

11.) Why does Elton likes to read people's minds?

Moarbes: It's a special gift he bears, there are no reasons.

12.) What are the nationalities of Chris and Sam?

Moarbes: Our show takes places in an undetermined place, we only know that it's a city called Singletown, it could be anywhere :)

13.) Were Cathy and Mr. Smith originally planned to be human beings instead of aliens?

Moarbes: No - Cathy and Mr Smith are aliens - They have their human shape only because they are part of the monster buster club and they have to blend in to go around un-noticed!

14.) Will Danny realizes that Wendy has no interest at him? How about Jeremy to Cathy?

Moarbes: Only the future (and maybe future seasons) will allow us to know how these 2 relationships will evolve!

15.) Did the Galactic Commander choose Cathy, Chris, Sam and Danny to become MBC members?

Moarbes: No - the process of choosing someone to be part of the MBC is very secret and very complex, we don't know much about it!

16.) Why do Rhapsodia and other Rhapsodians (except Cathy, Mr. Smith, Elton and Frieda) are not featured in the show but they're always mentioned in the conversation of the main characters?

Moarbes: In these first 2 seasons, we really wanted to focus on our main characters, so we didn't have enough time and episodes to see other Rhapsodians - but if there's a third season (and maybe fourth, fifth too, how knows!) - they will certainly feature more Rhapsodians!

17.) How did Mr. Smith manage to buy a large house to live and sustain Cathy's needs in Earth?

Moarbes: That is something that was planned already when he got put in charge of the Monster Buster Club on Earth.

18.) Where did you come up with the names of the alien villains like Pincherbots, Swampdweller, Bugaboos, Glor Glenemore, Nossida, etc.?

Moarbes: Thanks to the brainstorming of our creative teams! :)

19.) Are there any characters you guys created that were not used? If so, could you tell us who are they and what do they look like?

Moarbes: No - all the characters that were created were used!

20.) Why does Ms. Rollins want to work in school as a principal instead in the military? Does she have any troubled past?

Moarbes: She has a very full past :)

21.) Does Marathon have any plans to make a movie or a spin-off of the show?

Moarbes: Nothing serious yet, but of course, as soon as they have the opportunity of doing so, I’m sure they will!

22.) Is it possible that Cathy (and other Rhapsodians) can master all different extraordinary abilities?

Moarbes: Yes, we barely know everything that the Rhapsodians are capable of, that's why they'll keep surprising us :)

23.) What software did you use to create the show's animation?

Moarbes: The CG was mainly produced on Maya 3D.

24.) Are there any plans to make a third season?

Moarbes: As previously answered, nothing in the pipeline right now, but hopefully soon!

25.) Does Marathon have any plans to release English-dubbed MBC episodes in DVD?

Moarbes: Not that I know of yet!


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