Young Alcascythe

Name: Alcascythe (real name unknown)

Nickname: Mr. Alcascythe, Rocky mountain reject, Boulder boy

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: Algoz (known as the 12th moon of Rhapsodia)

Species: Alcascythe

Classification: Rock / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Transforms anything into rocks using their Alcascythe gamma rays or their planet. Durable rock and steel body that protects against blaster and bullet attacks. Able to fuse with other species such as humans.

Weakness: Flowers.

About the Alcascythe:
Alcascythes are the alien invaders who live in the planet called Algoz, or otherwise known as the 12th moon of Rhapsodia. They wanted to turn the planet Rhapsodia and it's inhabitants into rocks. They also never stop until they get what they want. When those species encountered any Rhapsodians, they turn themselves into a viscous and hideous monster.