The Armor Stickies

 The leader red Armor Sticky

The Red armored Sticky's disguise, Brian Brawn

 Purple Armor Stickies

Four Brians. The Brian with the red headband is the leader.

Alias: Brian Brawn

Home Planet: ?????

Species: Armor Sticky (red and purple)

Classification: Sticky / Crab-like

Powers / Abilities: Super strength, super speed, determination and have shields on their left arm. They can turn into giants as well.

Weakness: Being tricked with any challenges, such as cheating.

About the Armor Stickies:
Armor Stickies are extremely competitive aliens who never refuse any challenges. They come to Earth to invade Singletown and destroy the MBC. Like the Pincerbots, there is a leader. The leader disguises as a tough kid named Brian. His assistants, the purple armored Stickies, disguise as the same person to confuse the MBC.