The Bugaboos

 A Bugaboo soldier (shown in the supercomputer)

 A group of Bugaboo soldiers

 The Queen Bugaboo (in landing)

Name: The Bugaboos (Soldiers and Queen)

Home Planet: ????? (Teeny Tod Galaxy)

Species: Bugaboo

Classification: Insectoid

Powers / Abilities: A swarm of Bugaboo soldiers can create a massive power to destroy things on their path. They can also dig surfaces underground. Sometimes, they turn into a tornado to create a landing pad for the queen. For the queen, she can lay her eggs up to 3 trillion to fill up the entire city.

Weakness: Principal Rollins' laughter

About the Bugaboos
Bugaboos are known to be the insectoid invaders in a small galaxy (Cathy nicknamed that place the "Teeny Tod" galaxy). One of the Bugaboos is General Louse and they wanted to find a place for a queen to lay her eggs. According to General Louse, his soldiers won tremendous victories over the past thousands of years. Luckily for MBC, the Bugaboos stop attacking every time they hear Ms. Rollins' laughter.