Tortosensazors and Harefliersanzikes

Names: Harefliersanzikes (on the right) and Tortosensazors (on the left)

Home Planet: ?????

Species: Harefliers (on the right) / Tortosens (on the left)

Classification: Animalistic

Powers / Abilities: Massive force

Weakness: Gets into conflict quickly without discussing the problem.

About the Tortosensazors and Harefliersanzikes:
The Tortosens are turtle-like aliens and their spaceship looks like a turtle. The Harefliers, on the other hand are rabbit-like creatures and their spaceships look like carrots. These two different species are fighting each other for centuries using their spaceships and brute force. The Galactic Commander calls Mr. Smith to have a peaceful negotiation with them but the plan turns out into a mishap. The only solution to make Tortosens and Harefliers stop the war is their common interest - talking interesting stuff.