Galactic Commander Zubin

The Galactic Commander via transmitter

The Galactic Commander in space

Name: Zubin (also known as "Intergalactic Authorities Commander Zubin")

Nickname: Galactic Commander, Hologram dude, Sir

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: ????? (from the Galactic Authorities)

Species: ?????

Classification: Eater alien / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Aside from maintaining MBC and the protection of the galaxy, he's able to swallow up to thirty-seven objects

Weakness: He's able to fight only if he has backup.

About the Galactic Commander:
The Galactic Commander is the space protector of Sector 9 and the one who maintains the MBC. He appears on the MBC supercomputer to give special missions to MBC members. He is feared by the MBC whenever they failed his orders. Although the Galactic Commander has the important position in the Monster Buster Club, there's one thing he has to deal with (according to Principal Rollins) - mannerisms.