Glor Glenemore

 Glor Glenemore's digsuise

Name: Glor Glenemore

Nickname: Glor, The Galaxy's Greatest Thief, Great Thief, Goony Goof

Home Planet: ?????

Species: ?????

Classification: Animalistic / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Skilled in espionage, theft and using his own gadgets. Able to disguise as a human.

Weakness: He tends to be clumsy when he's in tense. Sometimes, he forgets to charge up his weapon.

About Glor Glenemore:
Glor Glenemore is a self-proclaimed greatest thief in the galaxy, but he becomes awkward and clumsy while he's doing his mission. He wants to steal Mr. Smith's "Forget-Me-Stone" because he wants other aliens in the entire universe forget his embarrassing moments.