Herptilius' first appearance

Herptilius with his upgraded left arm

Name: Herptilius

Nickname: Big frog, exalted sliminess

Home Planet: Earth (in original form) / Lilypadia (in mutant form)

Species: Red-eyed Tree Frog

Classification: Mutant frog / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: His left mutilated arm can be upgraded into any weapon of his choice. He also has an electric staff. He can control other tree frogs to follow his command.

Weakness: Earth flies

About Herptilius:
Herptilius is an 8-foot mutant frog experiment created by the Fibeloid species. Herptiilius is super strong and intelligent but he has an obsession in eating Earth flies. He comes to Earth to get revenge on Chef Auree, who nearly cooked him years ago. When Herptilius is defeated then escaped, he wants to get revenge on MBC.