Nossida Single

Nossida's real form

 Nossida's human disguise

Nossida in power mode

Name: Nossida Single

Nickname: Nossida, The Birdman

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: ????? (from the Globulin Star System)

Species: Morphering Glob

Classification: Morpher / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Flying, creates energy blasts, turns into a giant, able to create his own gadgets and change his physical appearance.

Weakness: The only person to outwit his strength is Cathy.

About Nossida:
Nossida is the son of Addison Single (Nossida's name can be spelled backwards as "Addison"). He is strategic, intelligent and knows how to lure victims. He also makes a lot of gadgets to trick his enemies. Before the MBC knows his true colors, he's one of the MBC's students along with Zeborg and Fooch. Nossida's dream is to make Singletown home for aliens, like what his father wished to have.