The Monster Beater Club

The Monster Beater's real form

 Starting from right: Cori, Charlie and Clarissa

Name: The Monster Beater Club - Charlie (orange), Cori (purple), and Clarissa (green)

Home Planet: ?????

Species: Dark Galaxy Morphers

Classification: Morphers / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: Able to disguise as humans. Skilled at hunting alien enemies.

Weakness: Turning them into weaker species, such as bunnies.

About the Monster Beater Club:
The Monster Beater Club poses as the rival alien hunter club of Monster Buster Club. The enemy has a large tree house as the headquarters and advanced gadgets than the MBC. The members are the Dark Galaxy Morphers and their true goal is to transfer the Monster Buster Club to the other side of the galaxy. They tricked John to join them until John realize that he's in the enemy's side.