Pizmo The Plump

Name: Pizmo The Plump

Nickname: Pizmo, Old PP

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: ?????

Species: ?????

Classification: Eater alien / Humanoid

Abilities: Whenever he's in workout, he releases cold sweats and turn them into ice shards. Sometimes, he can use his tentacle on his head to release snow. He can create large ice. He can also release cold temperature in a large area.

Weakness: He stops attacking or gets stressed when he eats something.

About Pizmo:
Pizmo's obsession is to exercise so he can become fit, an uncommon activity for eater aliens. Every night, he trains anywhere and turns them into cold places. However, while he's in workout he gets distracted on food - a reason why he complains that he's always fat.