S2 and D34

D34 and S2

Name: S2 (Sam) and D34 (Danny)

Nickname: Robo freaks

Home Planet: from Galactic Authorities

Species: Mechanical clones

Classification: Robots

Powers / Abilities: Like robots, they never get to rest as long as there are tasks to do. They glow their eyes to gather information, manipulate technology, or show that they are mad. The two clones changes their skin and hair colors as they gather enough information from their counterpart's profiles.

Weakness: Their microchip controls them.

About the Clones:
S2 (Sam) and D34 (Danny) are the latest monster busting technology send by the Galactic Commander to the club. Just like any robots, they follow their tasks and never get rest until every threat has been eliminated. However, these two robot clones are up to destroy their counterparts - Danny and Sam. What the real problem is, those clones got infected by a computer virus.