Mr. Bigshnel

Name: Mr. Bigshnel

Nickname: Intergalactic cleaning machine, Neat freak alien, Clutter sucker

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: ????? (Tidyner Tribe)

Species: ????? 

Classification: Tidier alien / Humanoid

Powers / Abilities: He has gloves that can be used to lift and arrange objects. He can access to several areas by teleport.

Weakness: His cleaning obsession and gets distracted every time he sees a mess.

About Mr. Bigshnel:
Mr. Bigshnel is one of the few aliens of the Tidier Tribe, an alien group who originally formed pyramids and their only interest is cleaning. Like his fellow tribesmen, Mr. Bigshnel likes to clean and arrange the mess he sees. He always arrange the mess into pyramids and triangles. Sometimes, he puts the trash on to his large portal that leads to other planets.