Name: Clipperbots

Home Planet: ?????

Species: Clipperbot

Classification: Robotic

Powers / Abilities: Equipped with big claws on their right hands, missile launchers, laser blasters and invisibility cloak. They have a call plate on their chest to call other Clipperbots for backup. They are also able to repair each other if there's any damage.

Weakness: Electrobubble

About the Clipperbots:
In their first appearance, the Clipperbots hated King Petalia XIII and other plants because he is the one who banished them in Dark Zone. In their return, they are King Petalia XIII's robot guards and assistants. They only serve no one else but the king. The king used them to cover his secret plans by making them as enemies to him and the MBC.

Clipperbots are also used to defeat the MBC in the episode "The End Of Everything (Part 1)", but their color appearances are white and blue.